Eskisehir current weather conditions

Air temperature -5.0° C
Visibility: greater than 2.7 NM
Dewpoint -5.0° C
Present weather: Mist.

Last reported at 2019-Dec-06 09:01 UTC.
Time now 2019-Dec-07 14:49 UTC

Location: N 39°47' E 030°35'.
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Tides and Currents Weather Stations Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
date/time (UTC)wind fromknots sea level pressurealtimeterstation pressurevisibilityair tempwater tempwave heightnotes
2019-Dec-06 09:01 2.7-5.0 Mist.
2019-Dec-06 08:45 1.3-5.0 Mist.
2019-Dec-06 06:24 0.2-6.0 Fog.
2019-Dec-06 05:04 0.6-8.0 Patches of fog.
2019-Dec-06 01:00 0.2-7.0 Fog.