Weather Stations Map

Tides and Currents Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
62086 2367,55.000000,6.400000,62086
62086 2369,55.000000,6.400000,62086
62086 2371,55.000000,6.400000,62086
62086 2373,55.000000,6.400000,62086,62086,otherFixed 2374,53.900000,8.700000,62
AV003MM0RBZ-10 Isle of Skye UK
AV358EI9EF Greencastle IR
D0057DW0057 Aboyne UK
D0333DW0333 Tranby-Lier NO
D0425DW0425 Hajer DK
D1436DW1436 Middlesbrough UK
D2342DW2342 Kirkland UK
D3426DW3426 Tranby NO
D3980DW3980 Keswick UK
D4004DW4004 Belfast UK
D4018DW4018 Dalry SCT UK
D4338DW4338 Bergen NO
D4806DW4806 Saltburn-By-The-Sea UK
D4844DW4844 Aalgaard NO
D5933DW5933 Copley UK
D6095DW6095 Sandnes NO
D6597DW6597 Ellesmere UK
D6979DW6979 Svarstad NO
D7177DW7177 Durham UK
D7447DW7447 Guisborough UK
D7474DW7474 Bergen NO
D7555DW7555 Tarland UK
D7684DW7684 Peebles UK
D7718DW7718 North Shields UK
D8046DW8046 Earlston UK
D8453DW8453 Bekkjarvik NO
D9768DW9768 Stavanger NO
D9776DW9776 Kelso UK
F0042FW0042 Stamnes NO
F0463FW0463 Cushnie UK
F1424FW1424 Farso DK
F1746FW1746 Sogne NO
F1803FW1803 Rosehearty UK
F2019FW2019 Suldalsosen NO
F2046FW2046 Newcastle UK
F2415FW2415 Munlochy UK
F2693FW2693 Portree UK
F2792FW2792 Westhill UK
F4560FW4560 Belfast UK
F5110FW5110 Edinburgh UK
F5401FW5401 Edinburgh UK
F6053FW6053 Alyth UK