Weather Stations Map

Tides and Currents Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
E6425EW6425 Hays River CA
F1108FW1108 Port of Iona CA
F1597FW1597 Roberta CA
F1737FW1737 River Denys CA
F1833FW1833 Estmere CA
F2075FW2075 Johnstown CA
F2490FW2490 Saint Georges Channel CA
F2813FW2813 Evanston CA
F2831FW2831 Henry Island CA
F3067FW3067 Iona Highland Village CA
F3173FW3173 Port Hood CA
F3668FW3668 Beaver Cove CA
F3943FW3943 St. Peters CA
F4801FW4801 Upper Fox Island
F5107FW5107 Glendale CA
F5735FW5735 Antigonish CA
F6132FW6132 West Bay Marshes CA
F7134FW7134 Lakevale CA