Weather Stations Map

Tides and Currents Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
0054WFSU Coastal and Marine Lab FL US WEATHERSTEM
0140WFranklin County School FL US WEATHERSTEM
0289WPort St Joe Elementary School FL US WEATHERSTEM
0569WSt. George Island Bridge FL US WEATHERSTEM
0571WGulf County Emergency Operations FL US WEATHERSTEM
E8581EW8581 Port St Joe FL US
F6314FW6314 Panacea FL US
SGOF1 50985,29.410000,-84.860000,SGOF1
SGOF1 50987,29.410000,-84.860000,SGOF1
SGOF1 50989,29.410000,-84.860000,SGOF1
SGOF1 50991,29.410000,-84.860000,SGOF1,SGOF1,otherFixed 50992,45.459600,-111.24 LA NWLON,metar 51022,39.056900,-74.765000,SHBN4,GREAT CHANNEL AT STONE HARBOR