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Location Station name
N 46°11', W 123°52'tideAstoria (Port Docks), Oregon
N 46°10', W 123°51'tideAstoria (Youngs Bay), Oregon
N 46°16', W 123°60'currentBaker Bay entrance, E of Sand Island Tower (Depth 23ft), Washington Current
N 46°09', W 123°02'tideBarlow Point, Columbia River, Washington
N 46°18', W 124°00'tideCape Disappointment, Washington
N 46°09', W 123°17'tideCape Horn, Columbia River, Washington
N 46°07', W 123°48'tideCathcart Landing, Youngs River, Oregon
N 46°09', W 123°19'currentCathlamet Channel, SE of Nassa Point (Depth 19ft), Washington Current
N 46°15', W 123°58'currentChinook Point, WSW of (Depth 14ft), Washington Current
N 46°16', W 123°57'tideChinook, Baker Bay, Washington
N 46°15', W 123°60'currentClatsop Spit, NNE of (Depth 15ft), Washington Current
N 46°13', W 123°28'currentClifton Channel (Depth 10ft), Washington Current
N 46°16', W 124°04'tideColumbia River entrance (N. Jetty), Washington
N 46°16', W 124°02'tideFort Canby, Jetty 'A', Washington
N 46°22', W 123°57'tideGreenhead Slough, Washington
N 46°13', W 123°56'currentHammond, northeast of ship channel (Depth 15ft), Oregon Current
N 46°12', W 123°57'tideHammond, Oregon
N 46°16', W 123°39'tideHarrington Point, Washington
N 46°15', W 123°51'tideHungry Harbor, Washington
N 46°12', W 123°24'currentHunting Island, south of (Depth 20ft), Washington Current
N 46°18', W 124°02'tideIlwaco, Baker Bay, Washington
N 46°11', W 123°35'tideKnappa, Knappa Slough, Oregon
N 46°06', W 122°57'tideLongview, Columbia River, Washington
N 46°14', W 123°55'currentMcGowan, SSW of (Depth 14ft), Washington Current
N 46°30', W 124°01'tideNahcotta, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°30', W 124°01'tideNahcotta, Willapa Bay, Washington (sub)
N 46°23', W 123°50'tideNaselle River, 4 miles above swing bridge, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°26', W 123°54'tideNaselle River, swing bridge, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°28', W 123°57'tideParadise Point, Long Island, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°14', W 123°58'currentPoint Adams, NNE OF (Depth 14ft), Oregon Current
N 46°12', W 123°57'tidePoint Adams, Oregon
N 46°15', W 123°51'currentPoint Ellice, east of (Depth 17ft), Washington Current
N 46°14', W 123°30'currentQuinn Island, Prairie Channel (Depth 8ft), Washington Current
N 45°52', W 122°48'tideSaint Helens, Columbia River, Oregon
N 46°15', W 123°60'currentSand Island Tower, 0.9nm SE of (north channel) (Depth 15ft), Washington Current
N 46°15', W 123°59'currentSand Island Tower, 1nm SE of (midchannel) (Depth 15ft), Washington Current
N 46°15', W 123°58'currentSand Island, SSE of (Depth 12ft), Washington Current
N 46°10', W 123°41'tideSettlers Point, Oregon
N 46°16', W 123°27'tideSkamokawa, Steamboat Slough, Columbia River, Washington
N 46°22', W 124°00'tideTarlatt Slough, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 45°59', W 122°50'tideTemco Kalama Terminal, Columbia River, Washington
N 46°12', W 123°46'tideTongue Point, Astoria, Columbia River, Oregon
N 46°13', W 123°46'currentTongue Point, northwest of (Depth 15ft), Oregon Current
N 46°08', W 123°03'currentWalker Island, south of (Depth 12ft), Washington Current
N 46°10', W 123°55'tideWarrenton, Skipanon River, Oregon
N 46°10', W 123°25'tideWauna, Columbia River, Oregon
N 46°14', W 123°40'currentWoody Island Channel (Depth 15ft), Washington Current
N 46°13', W 123°38'currentWoody Island Channel (off Seal Island) (Depth 12ft), Oregon Current
N 46°11', W 123°52'currentYoungs Bay Bridge (Depth 9ft), Oregon Current