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Location Station name
N 51°43', W 177°09'tideCape Chlanak, Kanaga Island, Alaska
N 51°40', W 177°38'tideCape Chunu, Kanaga Island, Alaska
N 51°45', W 178°48'tideGareloi Island, Delarof Islands, Alaska
N 51°47', W 177°48'tideHot Springs Bay, Tanaga Island, Alaska
N 51°43', W 177°12'tideKanaga Bay, Kanaga Island, Alaska
N 51°43', W 177°48'currentKanaga Pass, 0.3 mile NW of Annoy Rock, Alaska Current
N 51°45', W 177°45'currentKanaga Pass, 2.2 miles NE of Annoy Rock, Alaska Current
N 51°40', W 178°03'tideLash Bay, Tanaga Island, Alaska
N 51°36', W 178°37'tideOgliuga Island (east coast), Delarof Islands, Alaska
N 51°37', W 178°36'currentOgliuga Island, pass East of, Delarof Is, Alaska Current
N 51°43', W 177°60'tideTanaga Bay, Tanaga Island, Alaska
N 51°39', W 178°13'currentTanaga Pass, 4 mi. off C. Amagalik, Alaska Current
N 51°19', W 179°02'currentUlak Pass, Delarof Islands, Alaska Current