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Location Station name
N 51°30', W 002°43'tideAvonmouth (Port of Bristol), England
N 51°30', W 002°43'tideAvonmouth (Port of Bristol), England (2)
N 51°31', W 002°43'tideAvonmouth, England (3)
N 51°23', W 003°16'tideBarry, Wales
N 51°36', W 002°38'tideBeachley (Aust), River Severn, England
N 51°27', W 003°10'tideCardiff, Wales
N 51°13', W 003°08'tideHinkley Point, England
N 51°13', W 004°07'tideIlfracombe, England
N 51°43', W 002°28'tideImmingham Dock, Humberside, England
N 51°39', W 002°37'tideInward Rocks, River Severn, England
N 51°34', W 003°58'tideMumbles, Wales
N 51°33', W 002°59'tideNewport, Gwent, Wales
N 51°37', W 003°55'tideSwansea, Wales
N 51°44', W 002°29'tideWellhouse Rock, River Severn, England