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Location Station name
N 54°51', W 132°50'tideAmerican Bay, Kaigani Strait, Alaska
N 55°15', W 131°40'currentBlank Point, Nichols Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°16', W 133°07'tideBlock Island, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 54°49', W 132°34'currentBoat Rocks, 2 miles west of, Cordova Bay, Alaska Current
N 55°21', W 133°25'currentCabras Islands, 1 mile west of, Alaska Current
N 55°14', W 133°33'currentCape Bartolome, 2 miles east of, Alaska Current
N 55°22', W 133°18'currentCape Flores, 1 mile north of, Alaska Current
N 55°21', W 133°19'currentCape Flores, Ulloa Channel, Alaska Current
N 54°40', W 132°32'currentCape Muzon, 5 miles east of, Cordova Bay, Alaska Current
N 55°13', W 132°38'tideCopper Harbor, Hetta Inlet, Alaska
N 55°08', W 132°58'currentCorlies Islands, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 54°45', W 132°32'currentDewey Rocks, 2 miles west of, Cordova Bay, Alaska Current
N 55°11', W 133°17'currentDiver Islands, Meares Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°15', W 132°18'tideDivide Head, Cholmondeley Sound, Alaska
N 55°11', W 131°36'currentDriest Point, Nichols Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°05', W 132°49'tideDunbar Inlet GPS Tide Buoy, Alaska
N 54°54', W 132°39'tideElbow Bay, Alaska
N 55°00', W 132°52'currentGrand Island, 2 miles north of, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°24', W 132°00'currentGuard Island Lighthouse, 5.1 miles SW of, Clarence Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°02', W 131°40'currentHid Reef, 2.7 miles south of, Nichols Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°01', W 132°56'currentHigh Point, 1 mile east of, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 54°52', W 132°19'tideHunter Bay, Alaska
N 55°12', W 132°49'tideHydaburg, Sukkwan Strait, Alaska
N 54°59', W 132°00'tideIngraham Bay, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
N 55°01', W 132°47'tideKasook Inlet, Sukkwan Island, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 54°56', W 132°31'tideKassa Inlet entrance, Alaska
N 55°05', W 132°29'tideKeete Inlet, Alaska
N 55°03', W 132°35'tideKeete Island, Nutkwa Inlets, Alaska
N 55°20', W 131°38'tideKetchikan, Tongass Narrows, Alaska
N 55°20', W 131°39'currentKetchikan, Tongass Narrows, Alaska Current
N 55°13', W 132°06'tideLancaster Cove, Cholmondeley Sound, Alaska
N 55°00', W 132°36'tideMabel Island, Alaska
N 55°04', W 132°57'currentMcFarland Islands, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°15', W 133°11'currentMeares Island, south of, Meares Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°02', W 132°39'currentMellen Rock, 1 mile east of, Cordova Bay, Alaska Current
N 55°02', W 132°01'tideMenefee Anch., Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
N 55°12', W 133°15'currentMillar Rocks, Meares Passage, Alaska Current
N 54°44', W 132°18'tideMinnie Bay, Alaska
N 55°05', W 131°56'currentMoira Rock, 2 miles east of, Clarence Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°05', W 132°38'tideMud Bay, Hetta Inlet, Alaska
N 55°14', W 133°03'tideNatalia Point, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 55°10', W 131°48'tideNehenta Bay, Gravina Island, Alaska
N 55°04', W 132°07'tideNiblack Anchorage, Moira Sound, Alaska
N 55°12', W 132°56'tideNorth Pass, West End, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 55°19', W 133°29'currentPoint Arboleda, 1 mile west of, Alaska Current
N 54°59', W 131°36'currentPoint Davidson, 1 mile south of, Felice Strait, Alaska Current
N 54°38', W 132°18'currentPoint Marsh, 5 miles south from, Dixon Entrance, Alaska Current
N 55°07', W 131°42'currentPoint McCartey Light, Nichols Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°04', W 133°12'tideSakie Bay, Dall Island, Alaska
N 55°24', W 132°20'tideSaltery Cove, Skowl Arm, Kasaan Bay, Alaska
N 55°11', W 132°48'tideSaltery Point, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 55°19', W 131°36'currentSaxman Spire, 0.2 mile south of, Tongass Narrows, Alaska Current
N 55°08', W 133°10'tideSea Otter Harbor, Dall Island, Alaska
N 54°45', W 132°51'tideSecurity Cove, Dall Island, Alaska
N 54°58', W 132°44'currentShoe Rock, 1 mile north of, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°18', W 131°59'currentSkin Island, 3 miles east from, Clarence Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°16', W 132°58'tideSoda Bay, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 55°10', W 132°52'tideSouth Pass, Sukkwan Strait, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 55°12', W 132°49'currentSukkwan Narrows, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°17', W 132°37'tideSulzer, Hetta Inlet, Alaska
N 54°50', W 132°20'tideTah Bay, Alaska
N 55°11', W 133°01'currentThe Sentinels, 1 mile west of, Tlevak Strait, Alaska Current
N 55°25', W 133°09'currentToti Island, 1.1 miles west of, Alaska Current
N 55°21', W 132°56'tideTrocadero Bay, Alaska
N 55°26', W 131°51'tideVallenar Point, Alaska
N 55°05', W 133°01'tideView Cove, Tlevak Strait, Alaska
N 55°24', W 131°44'tideWard Cove, Revillagigedo Channel, Alaska
N 55°18', W 133°15'currentWaterfall Cannery, Ulloa Channel, Alaska Current
N 54°58', W 132°38'currentWebster Point, 1 mile west of, Cordova Bay, Alaska Current
N 54°42', W 131°36'currentWest Devil Rock, 2 miles north of, Dixon Entrance, Alaska Current
N 55°08', W 131°38'currentWharburton Island, Nichols Passage, Alaska Current
N 55°02', W 133°01'tideWindy Cove entrance, Alaska