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Location Station name
N 29°26', W 089°58'currentBarataria Bay, 1.1 mi. NE of Manilla, Louisiana Current
N 29°16', W 089°57'tideBarataria Pass, Louisiana
N 29°17', W 089°40'tideBastian Island, Louisiana
N 29°36', W 089°37'tideBay Gardene, Louisiana
N 29°16', W 089°58'tideBayou Rigaud, Grand Isle, Barataria Bay, Louisiana
N 29°30', W 089°10'tideBreton Islands, Louisiana
N 29°13', W 090°02'tideCaminada Pass (bridge), Louisiana
N 29°12', W 090°03'currentCaminada Pass, Barataria Bay, Louisiana Current
N 29°12', W 089°03'tideDevon Energy Facility, Louisiana
N 29°15', W 089°36'tideEmpire Jetty, Louisiana
N 29°41', W 089°23'tideGardner Island, Breton Sound, Louisiana
N 29°15', W 089°58'tideGrand Isle, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana
N 29°16', W 089°57'tideGrand Isle, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana (2)
N 29°09', W 089°15'tideHead of Passes, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana
N 29°19', W 089°56'tideIndependence Island, Barataria Bay, Louisiana
N 29°22', W 089°21'tideJack Bay, Louisiana
N 29°03', W 089°16'tideJoseph Bayou, Mississippi River, Louisiana
N 29°40', W 090°07'tideLafitte, Barataria Waterway, Louisiana
N 29°14', W 089°03'tideLonesome Bayou (Thomasin), Louisiana
N 29°26', W 089°59'tideManilla, Barataria Bay, Louisiana
N 29°19', W 089°59'tideMendicant Island, Barataria Bay, Louisiana
N 29°12', W 089°02'tideNorth Pass, Mississippi River, Louisiana
N 29°23', W 089°23'tideOlga Compressor Station, Grand Bay, Louisiana
N 29°23', W 089°23'tideOlga Compressor Station, Grand Bay, Louisiana (sub)
N 29°12', W 089°02'tidePass a Loutre entrance, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana
N 29°18', W 089°54'currentPass Abel, Barataria Bay, Louisiana Current
N 29°11', W 089°15'tidePilottown, Louisiana
N 29°01', W 089°10'tidePort Eads, South Pass, Mississippi River, Louisiana
N 29°19', W 089°51'tideQuatre Bayous Pass, Louisiana
N 29°19', W 089°51'currentQuatre Bayoux Pass, Barataria Bay, Louisiana Current
N 28°59', W 089°08'tideSouth Pass, Louisiana
N 29°07', W 089°03'tideSoutheast Pass, Mississippi River, Louisiana
N 29°24', W 090°02'tideTexaco Dock, Hackberry Bay, Louisiana
N 29°16', W 089°21'tideVenice, Grand Pass, Louisiana