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Location Station name
N 55°35', W 160°37'tideAlbatross Anchorage, Balboa Bay, Alaska
N 55°51', W 159°06'tideChiachi Island (east side), Alaska
N 55°47', W 159°53'tideDent Point, Stepovak Bay, Alaska
N 56°00', W 160°39'currentEntrance Point, 3 miles west of, Port Moller, Alaska Current
N 55°59', W 160°35'currentEntrance Point, Port Moller, Alaska Current
N 55°38', W 159°37'tideFox Bay, Kupreanof Peninsula, Alaska
N 55°54', W 160°46'currentHague Channel, east of Doe Point, Alaska Current
N 55°55', W 160°36'currentHarbor Point, Port Moller, Alaska Current
N 55°50', W 160°47'currentJohnston Channel, off Halftide Rock, Alaska Current
N 55°47', W 159°21'tideKupreanof Harbor, Paul Island, Alaska
N 55°53', W 158°49'tideMitrofania Island, Alaska
N 55°53', W 158°49'tideMitrofania Island, Alaska (sub)
N 55°22', W 160°22'tidePirate Cove, Popof Island, Shumagin Islands, Alaska
N 55°20', W 160°31'currentPopof Strait, Shumagin Islands, Alaska Current
N 55°59', W 160°34'tidePort Moller, Bristol Bay, Alaska
N 55°20', W 160°30'tideSand Point, Popof Island, Alaska
N 55°54', W 159°10'tideThree Star Point, Alaska
N 55°26', W 160°44'currentUnga Strait (1.4 miles N of Unga Spit), Shumagin Islands, Alaska Current
N 55°20', W 160°37'tideZachary Bay, Unga Island, Shumagin Islands, Alaska