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Location Station name
N 51°10', W 056°00'tideAriege Bay, Newfoundland
N 51°28', W 057°16'tideBaie De Brador, Québec
N 50°46', W 059°02'tideBaie Des Moutons, Québec
N 50°17', W 062°48'tideBaie Johan-Beetz, Québec
N 49°57', W 056°11'tideBaie Verte, Newfoundland
N 52°16', W 055°36'tideBattle Harbour, Labrador
N 52°16', W 055°36'tideBattle Harbour, Labrador (2)
N 50°14', W 063°11'tideBetchewun Harbour, Québec
N 52°01', W 055°52'tideBlack Joke Cove, Labrador
N 51°25', W 057°09'tideBlanc Sablon, Québec
N 51°28', W 057°15'tideBradore Bay, Québec
N 53°43', W 059°02'tideCabot Point, Labrador
N 49°57', W 064°09'tideCap De Rabast, Québec
N 54°03', W 058°35'tideCaravalla Cove, Labrador
N 53°42', W 057°02'tideCartwright Harbour, Labrador
N 53°42', W 057°02'tideCartwright Harbour, Labrador (2)
N 51°58', W 055°51'tideCastle Island, Labrador
N 50°55', W 056°59'tideCastors Harbour, St. John Bay, Newfoundland
N 49°50', W 067°00'tideCawée Islands, Québec
N 52°00', W 055°50'tideChateau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador
N 53°09', W 055°46'tideComfort Bight, Labrador
N 51°37', W 055°52'tideCook's Harbour, Newfoundland
N 53°45', W 056°33'tideCurlew Harbour, Labrador
N 55°53', W 060°54'tideDavis Inlet, Labrador
N 52°32', W 055°50'tideDenbigh Island, Labrador
N 54°32', W 057°11'tideEmily Harbour, Labrador
N 51°18', W 056°44'tideFlowers Cove, Newfoundland
N 56°27', W 061°12'tideFord Harbour, Labrador
N 51°27', W 056°53'tideForteau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador
N 51°27', W 056°53'tideForteau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador (2)
N 50°13', W 060°41'tideGethsemani, Québec
N 53°21', W 060°24'tideGoose Bay, Labrador
N 53°44', W 053°37'tideHamilton Bank 334, Labrador
N 53°44', W 055°27'tideHamilton Bank 789, Labrador
N 54°11', W 052°08'tideHamilton Bank 790, Labrador
N 54°28', W 055°26'tideHamilton Bank 795, Labrador
N 51°04', W 053°01'tideHamilton Bank 796, Newfoundland
N 55°21', W 053°46'tideHamilton Bank, Labrador
N 50°30', W 059°29'tideHarrington Harbour, Québec
N 50°30', W 059°29'tideHarrington Harbour, Québec (2)
N 50°14', W 063°36'tideHavre-St-Pierre, Québec
N 50°14', W 063°36'tideHavre-St-Pierre, Québec (2)
N 51°59', W 055°51'tideHenley Harbour, Labrador
N 55°27', W 060°13'tideHopedale, Labrador
N 55°27', W 060°13'tideHopedale, Labrador (2)
N 56°14', W 061°03'tideHouse Harbour, Labrador
N 54°27', W 057°12'tideIndian Harbour, Labrador
N 54°13', W 058°14'tideJordans Point, Labrador
N 50°11', W 061°16'tideKegaska, Québec
N 50°12', W 061°14'tideKegaska, Québec (2)
N 49°58', W 055°36'tideLa Scie, Newfoundland
N 50°50', W 058°58'tideLa Tabatière, Québec
N 51°20', W 055°57'tideLocks Cove, Newfoundland
N 55°43', W 058°12'tideMakkovik Bank North, Labrador
N 55°05', W 059°10'tideMakkovik, Labrador
N 50°17', W 064°01'tideMingan, Québec
N 50°18', W 064°03'tideMingan, Québec (2)
N 51°16', W 058°12'tideMistanoque Harbour, Québec
N 50°12', W 066°05'tideMoisie Bay, Québec
N 56°32', W 061°41'tideNain, Labrador
N 56°33', W 061°41'tideNain, Labrador (2)
N 50°11', W 061°05'tideNatashquan, Québec
N 50°12', W 061°50'tideNatashquan, Québec (2)
N 52°33', W 056°07'tideNeville Island, Labrador
N 53°31', W 060°09'tideNorthwest River, Labrador
N 53°26', W 057°17'tideParadise River, Labrador
N 51°30', W 055°44'tidePistolet Bay, Newfoundland
N 50°02', W 066°47'tidePort Cartier, Québec
N 52°33', W 056°18'tidePort Hope Simpson, Labrador
N 52°23', W 055°44'tidePort Marnham, Labrador
N 52°23', W 055°44'tidePort Marnham, Labrador (2)
N 50°39', W 057°18'tidePort Saunders, Newfoundland
N 50°39', W 057°18'tidePort Saunders, Newfoundland (2)
N 50°11', W 057°36'tidePortland Cove, Newfoundland
N 54°54', W 059°47'tidePostville, Labrador
N 53°15', W 055°46'tidePunchbowl, Labrador
N 51°43', W 056°25'tideRed Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador
N 51°43', W 056°25'tideRed Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador (2)
N 54°11', W 058°26'tideRigolet, Labrador
N 54°11', W 058°25'tideRigolet, Labrador (2)
N 50°17', W 064°47'tideRivière Au Tonnerre, Québec
N 53°34', W 057°10'tideSandwich Bay (East Arm), Labrador
N 51°20', W 056°42'tideSavage Cove, Newfoundland
N 49°56', W 056°22'tideSeal Cove, Newfoundland
N 50°11', W 066°22'tideSept-Îles, Québec
N 50°13', W 066°24'tideSept-Îles, Québec (2)
N 50°13', W 066°24'tideSept-Îles, Québec (2)
N 51°38', W 055°38'tideShip Cove, Newfoundland
N 51°01', W 057°01'tideShoal Cove, Newfoundland
N 55°46', W 060°22'tideShoal Tickle, Labrador
N 54°28', W 057°15'tideSmokey, Labrador
N 52°44', W 055°49'tideSquare Island Harbour, Labrador
N 51°22', W 055°35'tideSt. Anthony, Newfoundland
N 51°13', W 058°39'tideSt. Augustin, Québec
N 51°12', W 056°46'tideSt. Barbe Bay, Newfoundland
N 51°12', W 056°46'tideSt. Barbe Bay, Newfoundland (2)
N 53°21', W 060°24'tideTerrington Basin, Labrador
N 50°41', W 059°14'tideTête-à-la-Baleine, Québec
N 54°17', W 058°12'tideTicoralak Island, Labrador
N 49°53', W 055°37'tideTilt Cove, Newfoundland
N 55°18', W 059°21'tideTurnavik Island, Labrador
N 50°12', W 060°01'tideWapitagun Harbour, Québec
N 54°54', W 058°02'tideWebeck Harbour, Labrador
N 51°35', W 056°42'tideWest Ste Modeste, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador
N 52°44', W 055°50'tideWhite Bear Arm, Labrador
N 50°42', W 056°10'tideWild Cove, Newfoundland