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Location Station name
N 44°37', W 067°45'tideAddison, Pleasant River, Maine
N 42°39', W 073°45'tideAlbany, New York
N 44°18', W 068°33'tideAllen Cove, Maine
N 43°57', W 069°53'tideAndroscoggin River entrance, Maine
N 42°39', W 070°41'tideAnnisquam, Massachusetts
N 43°05', W 070°46'tideAtlantic Heights, Piscataqua River, New Hampshire
N 44°19', W 069°46'tideAugusta, Kennebec River, Maine
N 45°03', W 066°52'tideBack Bay, Letite Harbour, New Brunswick
N 45°03', W 066°52'tideBack Bay, Letite Harbour, New Brunswick (2)
N 43°41', W 070°15'tideBack Cove, Maine
N 43°57', W 069°41'tideBack River, Maine
N 44°48', W 068°46'tideBangor, Penobscot River, Maine
N 44°48', W 068°46'tideBangor, Penobscot River, Maine (2)
N 44°24', W 068°12'tideBar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine
N 44°24', W 068°12'tideBar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (2) (expired 1999-07-27)
N 44°24', W 068°12'tideBar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (3)
N 44°15', W 068°21'tideBass Harbor, Maine
N 46°49', W 071°12'tideBassin De La Rivière St-Charles, Québec
N 43°55', W 069°49'tideBath, Kennebec River, Maine
N 43°55', W 069°49'tideBath, Kennebec River, Maine (2)
N 46°30', W 072°15'tideBatiscan, Québec
N 45°04', W 066°44'tideBeaver Harbour, New Brunswick
N 46°24', W 072°23'tideBecancour, Québec
N 44°26', W 069°00'tideBelfast, Penobscot River, Maine
N 42°23', W 070°60'tideBelle Isle Inlet entrance, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
N 46°56', W 070°44'tideBerthier, Québec
N 42°32', W 070°53'tideBeverly, Massachusetts
N 48°23', W 068°44'tideBic, Québec
N 44°53', W 067°09'tideBirch Islands, Maine
N 45°03', W 066°48'tideBlacks Harbour, New Brunswick
N 44°24', W 068°34'tideBlue Hill Harbor, Maine
N 47°08', W 070°22'tideBonsecours, Québec
N 43°51', W 069°38'tideBoothbay Harbor, Maine
N 43°51', W 069°38'tideBoothbay Harbor, Maine (2)
N 42°20', W 070°57'currentBoston Harbor, Massachusetts Current
N 42°20', W 070°54'tideBoston Light, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
N 42°21', W 071°03'tideBoston, Massachusetts
N 42°21', W 071°03'tideBoston, Massachusetts (2) (expired 1986-12-31)
N 44°00', W 069°54'tideBowdoinham, Cathance River, Maine
N 46°33', W 072°09'tideBrickyard, Québec
N 43°55', W 069°58'tideBrunswick, Maine
N 44°34', W 068°48'tideBucksport, Penobscot River, Maine
N 44°09', W 068°27'tideBurnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island, Maine
N 43°52', W 069°18'tideBurnt Island, Georges Islands, Maine
N 47°56', W 069°31'tideCacouna Harbour, Québec
N 44°12', W 069°03'tideCamden, Penobscot River, Maine
N 47°60', W 066°41'tideCampbellton, New Brunswick
N 48°01', W 066°40'tideCampbellton, New Brunswick (2)
N 47°29', W 070°14'tideCap Aux Oies, Québec
N 46°34', W 072°06'tideCap-A-La-Roche, Québec
N 47°26', W 070°27'tideCap-Aux-Corbeaux, Québec
N 42°00', W 070°01'tideCape Cod Lighthouse, SE of, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
N 43°22', W 070°26'tideCape Porpoise, Maine
N 48°06', W 066°08'tideCarleton Centre, Québec
N 48°05', W 066°07'tideCarleton Point, Québec
N 44°23', W 068°48'tideCastine, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 42°20', W 071°01'tideCastle Island, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
N 42°32', W 073°46'tideCastleton-on-Hudson, Hudson River, New York
N 42°13', W 073°51'tideCatskill, Hudson River, New York
N 44°16', W 068°35'tideCenter Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 46°26', W 072°21'tideChamplain, Québec
N 42°22', W 071°04'tideCharles River Dam, Charles River, Massachusetts
N 42°22', W 071°04'tideCharlestown Bridge, Charles River, Massachusetts
N 42°22', W 071°03'tideCharlestown, Charles River, Massachusetts
N 43°46', W 070°06'tideChebeague Point, Great Chebeague Island, Maine
N 42°23', W 071°01'tideChelsea St. Bridge, Chelsea River, Massachusetts
N 48°26', W 071°05'tideChicoutimi, Québec
N 48°26', W 071°05'tideChicoutimi, Québec (2)
N 43°42', W 070°07'tideCliff Island, Luckse Sound, Maine
N 44°52', W 067°08'tideCoffin Point, Maine
N 44°52', W 067°07'tideCoffin Point, Maine (2)
N 42°15', W 070°47'tideCohasset Harbor (White Head), Massachusetts
N 44°24', W 067°58'tideCorea Harbor, Maine
N 43°41', W 070°11'tideCow Island, Maine
N 42°21', W 073°48'tideCoxsackie, Hudson River, New York
N 43°55', W 069°40'tideCross River entrance, Maine
N 42°16', W 070°54'tideCrow Point, Hingham Harbor entrance, Massachusetts
N 43°47', W 069°54'tideCundy Harbor, New Meadows River, Maine
N 43°39', W 070°12'tideCushing Island, Maine
N 44°39', W 067°13'tideCutler, Little River, Maine
N 44°39', W 067°13'tideCutler, Little River, Maine (2)
N 44°39', W 067°13'tideCutler, Little River, Maine (3)
N 44°39', W 067°18'tideCutler, Naval Radio Station, Maine
N 48°04', W 066°23'tideDalhousie, New Brunswick
N 48°04', W 066°22'tideDalhousie, New Brunswick (2)
N 43°45', W 069°37'tideDamariscove Harbor, Damariscove Island, Maine
N 42°10', W 070°44'tideDamons Point, North River, Massachusetts
N 44°54', W 067°01'tideDeep Cove, Moose Island, Maine
N 42°21', W 070°58'tideDeer Island (south end), Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
N 45°06', W 066°25'tideDipper Harbour West, New Brunswick
N 43°07', W 070°50'tideDover Point, Piscataqua River, New Hampshire
N 42°21', W 071°04'tideDover St. Bridge, Fort Point Channel, Boston, Massachusetts
N 43°45', W 070°08'tideDoyle Point, Maine
N 44°02', W 069°07'tideDyer Point, Weskeag River, Maine
N 44°56', W 067°07'tideEast Bay, Maine
N 43°52', W 069°35'tideEast Boothbay, Maine
N 44°58', W 066°54'tideEast Quoddy Head, New Brunswick
N 44°28', W 068°10'tideEastern Point Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine
N 44°28', W 068°10'tideEastern Point Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (2)
N 44°54', W 066°59'tideEastport, Maine
N 44°54', W 066°59'tideEastport, Maine (2) (expired 1988-12-31)
N 44°54', W 066°59'tideEastport, Maine (3)
N 44°58', W 067°01'tideFairhaven, New Brunswick
N 43°44', W 070°12'tideFalmouth Foreside, Maine
N 43°39', W 070°17'tideFore River, Maine
N 44°28', W 068°49'tideFort Point, Penobscot River, Maine
N 43°04', W 070°43'tideFort Point, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire
N 43°45', W 069°47'tideFort Popham, Kennebec River, Maine
N 45°58', W 066°39'tideFredericton, New Brunswick
N 43°58', W 069°21'tideFriendship Harbor, Maine
N 42°28', W 067°43'tideFundy (Offshore 6), Nova Scotia
N 44°31', W 066°47'tideGannet Rock, Nova Scotia
N 44°28', W 067°58'tideGarden Point, Gouldsboro Bay, Maine
N 44°14', W 069°46'tideGardiner, Kennebec River, Maine
N 44°55', W 067°07'tideGarnet Point, Maine
N 43°04', W 070°42'tideGerrish Island, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire
N 44°33', W 067°46'tideGibbs Island, Pleasant River, Maine
N 44°33', W 067°46'tideGibbs Island, Pleasant River, Maine (2)
N 44°58', W 067°03'tideGleason Cove, Western Passage, Maine
N 42°36', W 070°40'tideGloucester Harbor (Ten Pound Island), Massachusetts
N 42°36', W 070°40'tideGloucester Harbor (Ten Pound Island), Massachusetts (2)
N 42°59', W 070°37'tideGosport Harbor, Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire
N 44°45', W 066°56'currentGrand Manan Channel (Bay of Fundy Entrance), New Brunswick Current
N 47°37', W 069°52'tideGrande Île, Québec
N 43°43', W 070°08'tideGreat Chebeague Island, Maine
N 43°40', W 070°12'tideGreat Diamond Island, Maine
N 44°22', W 067°52'tideGreen Island, Petit Manan Bar, Maine
N 46°39', W 071°54'tideGrist Mill, Québec
N 46°35', W 072°02'tideGrondines, Québec
N 46°35', W 072°02'tideGrondines, Québec (2)
N 47°56', W 069°31'tideGros Cacouna, Québec
N 44°32', W 068°45'tideGross Point, Eastern Channel, Penobscot River, Maine
N 47°02', W 070°40'tideGrosse-Île, Québec
N 42°00', W 070°36'tideGurnet Point, Massachusetts
N 44°17', W 069°47'tideHallowell, Kennebec River, Maine
N 44°45', W 068°50'tideHampden, Penobscot River, Maine
N 42°54', W 070°49'tideHampton Harbor, New Hampshire
N 43°46', W 070°00'tideHarpswell Harbor, Maine
N 44°01', W 068°37'tideHead Harbor, Isle au Haut, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 42°15', W 070°53'tideHingham, Massachusetts
N 44°52', W 067°04'tideHoran Head, South Bay, Maine
N 43°53', W 069°53'tideHoward Point, New Meadows River, Maine
N 42°15', W 073°48'tideHudson, Hudson River, New York
N 42°18', W 070°55'tideHull, Massachusetts
N 48°03', W 069°25'tideÎle Verte, Québec
N 47°03', W 070°33'tideÎle-Aux-Grues, Québec
N 47°54', W 069°41'tideÎle-Aux-Lievres, Québec
N 46°48', W 071°14'tideImmigration Wharf, Québec
N 44°04', W 068°38'tideIsle Au Haut, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 43°52', W 069°41'tideIsle of Springs, Maine
N 43°52', W 069°41'tideIsle of Springs, Maine (2)
N 46°07', W 072°57'tideIslets Perces, Québec
N 43°03', W 070°43'tideJaffrey Point, Portsmouth Harbor, Maine
N 44°01', W 069°23'tideJones Neck, Maine
N 44°32', W 067°36'tideJonesport, Moosabec Reach, Maine
N 43°21', W 070°28'tideKennebunkport, Maine
N 44°04', W 068°39'tideKimball Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 41°56', W 073°58'tideKingston Point, Hudson River, New York
N 43°05', W 070°42'tideKittery Point, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire
N 45°02', W 066°49'tideL' Etang Harbour, New Brunswick
N 46°11', W 072°54'tideLac St-Pierre, Québec
N 47°42', W 069°46'tideLe Petit Pelerin, Québec
N 45°07', W 066°29'tideLepreau Harbour, New Brunswick
N 48°21', W 069°23'tideLes Escoumins, Québec
N 44°18', W 068°42'tideLittle Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 43°50', W 070°03'tideLittle Flying Point, Maquoit Bay, Maine
N 43°41', W 070°10'tideLong Island, Maine
N 45°09', W 066°58'tideLong Island, New Brunswick
N 46°13', W 072°56'tideLouiseville, Québec
N 42°20', W 070°56'tideLovell Island, The Narrows, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
N 43°51', W 069°43'currentLowe Point (northeast of), Sasanoa River, Maine Current
N 43°45', W 069°59'tideLowell Cove, Orrs Island, Maine
N 43°53', W 069°44'currentLower Hell Gate (Knubble Bay, Maine) Current
N 44°52', W 066°59'tideLubec, Maine
N 42°27', W 070°58'tideLynn Harbor, Massachusetts
N 44°42', W 067°24'tideMachiasport, Machias River, Maine
N 44°10', W 068°26'tideMackerel Cove, Maine
N 42°34', W 070°47'tideManchester Harbor, Massachusetts
N 42°30', W 070°49'currentMarblehead Channel, Massachusetts Current
N 42°30', W 070°51'tideMarblehead, Massachusetts
N 42°30', W 070°51'tideMarblehead, Massachusetts (2)
N 43°52', W 068°53'tideMatinicus Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 45°03', W 066°52'tideMatthews Cove, New Brunswick
N 45°03', W 066°56'tideMcmaster Island, New Brunswick
N 42°49', W 070°49'tideMerrimack River Entrance, Massachusetts
N 42°49', W 070°49'tideMerrimack River Entrance, Massachusetts (2)
N 45°07', W 066°54'tideMidjik Bluff, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick
N 44°32', W 067°53'tideMilbridge, Narraguagus River, Maine
N 43°53', W 069°46'tideMill Point, Sasanoa River, Maine
N 43°46', W 069°19'tideMonhegan Island, Maine
N 43°46', W 069°19'tideMonhegan Island, Maine (2)
N 46°52', W 071°09'tideMontmorency, Québec
N 42°18', W 070°60'tideMoon Head, Massachusetts
N 44°44', W 067°06'tideMoose Cove, Maine
N 44°26', W 068°22'tideMount Desert Narrows, Maine
N 44°22', W 068°20'tideMount Desert, Maine
N 43°58', W 069°27'tideMuscongus Harbor, Muscongus Sound, Maine
N 42°25', W 070°55'tideNahant, Massachusetts
N 42°16', W 070°52'tideNantasket Beach, Weir River, Massachusetts
N 44°14', W 068°33'tideNaskeag Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 44°10', W 069°45'tideNehumkeag Island, Kennebec River, Maine
N 42°17', W 071°02'tideNeponset, Neponset River, Massachusetts
N 46°42', W 071°34'tideNeuville, Québec
N 46°42', W 071°34'tideNeuville, Québec
N 42°27', W 073°47'tideNew Baltimore, Hudson River, New York
N 43°53', W 069°30'tideNew Harbor, Muscongus Bay, Maine
N 42°49', W 070°52'currentNewburyport (Merrimack River), Massachusetts Current
N 42°49', W 070°52'tideNewburyport, Merrimack River, Massachusetts
N 42°49', W 070°52'tideNewburyport, Merrimack River, Massachusetts (2)
N 44°02', W 069°32'tideNewcastle, Maine
N 46°14', W 072°37'tideNicolet, Québec
N 44°08', W 068°52'tideNorth Haven, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 44°46', W 066°45'tideNorth Head, New Brunswick
N 44°46', W 066°45'tideNorth Head, New Brunswick (2)
N 44°52', W 067°01'tideNorth Lubec, Maine
N 44°14', W 068°41'tideNorthwest Harbor, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 42°17', W 070°57'tideNut Island, Massachusetts
N 44°12', W 068°38'tideOceanville, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 43°31', W 070°22'tideOld Orchard Beach, Maine
N 43°59', W 069°14'tideOtis Cove, Maine
N 44°36', W 066°48'tideOuter Wood Island, New Brunswick
N 44°36', W 066°48'tideOuter Wood Island, New Brunswick (2)
N 44°06', W 069°03'tideOwls Head, Penobscot River, Maine
N 41°52', W 071°23'tidePawtucket, Seekonk River, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
N 43°39', W 070°12'tidePeaks Island, Maine
N 43°53', W 069°32'tidePemaquid Harbor, Johns Bay, Maine
N 43°49', W 069°49'tidePhippsburg, Kennebec River, Maine
N 44°27', W 067°52'tidePigeon Hill Bay, Maine
N 44°28', W 067°55'tidePinkham Bay, Dyer Bay, Maine
N 42°43', W 070°47'tidePlum Island Sound (south end), Massachusetts
N 41°58', W 070°40'tidePlymouth, Massachusetts
N 41°58', W 070°40'tidePlymouth, Massachusetts (2)
N 46°39', W 071°50'tidePointe Au Platon, Québec
N 47°37', W 070°03'tidePointe-Au-Pic, Québec
N 47°29', W 070°02'tidePointe-Aux-Orignaux, Québec
N 43°55', W 069°16'tidePort Clyde, Maine
N 43°55', W 069°16'tidePort Clyde, Maine (2)
N 46°16', W 072°37'tidePort St. Francois, Québec
N 48°20', W 070°52'tidePort-Alfred, Québec
N 48°19', W 070°53'tidePort-Alfred, Québec (2)
N 43°37', W 070°12'tidePortland Head Light, Maine
N 43°39', W 070°15'tidePortland, Maine
N 43°39', W 070°15'tidePortland, Maine (2) (expired 1988-12-31)
N 43°39', W 070°15'tidePortland, Maine (3) (expired 1982-12-31)
N 46°41', W 071°53'tidePortneuf, Québec
N 43°04', W 070°42'currentPortsmouth Harbor Entrance, New Hampshire Current
N 43°05', W 070°45'tidePortsmouth Naval Shipyard, disputed waters, New England
N 43°05', W 070°45'tidePortsmouth, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire
N 43°41', W 070°15'tidePresumpscot River Bridge, Maine
N 44°20', W 068°25'tidePretty Marsh Harbor, Maine
N 43°46', W 070°10'tidePrince Point, Maine
N 44°24', W 068°01'tideProspect Harbor, Maine
N 42°03', W 070°11'tideProvincetown, Massachusetts
N 42°03', W 070°11'tideProvincetown, Massachusetts (2)
N 44°09', W 068°53'tidePulpit Harbor, North Haven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 44°25', W 068°44'tidePumpkin Island, South Bay, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 46°50', W 071°10'tideQuébec (Lauzon), Québec
N 46°50', W 071°10'tideQuébec (Lauzon), Québec (2)
N 46°50', W 071°10'tideQuébec (Lauzon), Québec (3)
N 46°49', W 071°09'tideQuébec City, Québec
N 42°04', W 070°15'tideRace Point, Massachusetts
N 42°19', W 070°57'tideRainsford Island, Nantasket Roads, Massachusetts
N 43°33', W 070°14'tideRichmond Island, Maine
N 44°05', W 069°48'tideRichmond, Kennebec River, Maine
N 47°51', W 069°34'tideRivière-Du-Loup, Québec
N 45°05', W 067°06'tideRobbinston, Maine
N 43°51', W 069°44'tideRobinhood, Sasanoa River, Maine
N 43°51', W 069°44'tideRobinhood, Sasanoa River, Maine (2)
N 44°06', W 069°06'tideRockland, Penobscot River, Maine
N 44°06', W 069°06'tideRockland, Penobscot River, Maine (2)
N 42°39', W 070°37'tideRockport, Massachusetts
N 44°34', W 067°31'tideRoque Island Harbor, Englishman Bay, Maine
N 46°43', W 071°23'tideSaint-Nicolas, Québec
N 42°31', W 070°53'tideSalem, Massachusetts
N 42°31', W 070°53'tideSalem, Massachusetts (2)
N 43°11', W 070°50'tideSalmon Falls River entrance, Piscataqua River, New Hampshire
N 44°26', W 068°17'tideSalsbury Cove, Maine
N 44°40', W 068°48'tideSandy Point, Penobscot River, Maine
N 47°12', W 070°38'tideSault-Au-Cochon, Québec
N 42°12', W 070°43'tideScituate, Massachusetts
N 44°39', W 066°51'tideSeal Cove, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick
N 44°37', W 066°51'tideSeal Cove, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick (2)
N 43°05', W 070°40'tideSeapoint, Cutts Island, Maine
N 43°05', W 070°44'tideSeavey Island, disputed waters, New England
N 44°18', W 068°38'tideSedgwick, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 42°17', W 070°55'tideSheep Island, Massachusetts
N 44°03', W 069°37'tideSheepscot (below rapids), Maine
N 43°54', W 069°42'currentSheepscot River (off Barter Island), Maine Current
N 44°37', W 067°30'tideShoppee Point, Englishman Bay, Maine
N 43°44', W 069°51'tideSmall Point Harbor, Maine
N 46°03', W 073°07'tideSorel, Québec
N 43°49', W 070°06'tideSouth Freeport, Maine
N 43°44', W 070°01'tideSouth Harpswell, Potts Harbor, Maine
N 44°49', W 066°60'tideSouth Lubec, Maine
N 44°42', W 068°49'tideSouth Orrington, Penobscot River, Maine
N 43°51', W 069°40'tideSouthport, Townsend Gut, Maine
N 44°16', W 068°19'tideSouthwest Harbor, Maine
N 43°03', W 070°55'tideSquamscott River RR. Bridge, New Hampshire
N 47°27', W 070°22'tideSt-Bernard-de-l'ile-, Québec
N 47°00', W 070°49'tideSt-Francois, Québec
N 47°31', W 070°01'tideSt-Irénée, Québec
N 46°55', W 070°54'tideSt-Jean-D'orleans, Québec
N 47°13', W 070°16'tideSt-Jean-Port-Joli, Québec
N 47°03', W 070°51'tideSt-Joachim, Québec
N 47°27', W 070°22'tideSt-Joseph-De-La-Rive, Québec
N 46°52', W 071°00'tideSt-Laurent-D'orleans, Québec
N 47°28', W 070°06'tideSt-Lawrence Mooring, Québec
N 46°46', W 071°14'tideSt-Romuald, Québec
N 47°50', W 069°53'tideSt-Simeon, Québec
N 45°04', W 067°03'tideSt. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick
N 45°04', W 067°03'tideSt. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick (2)
N 45°08', W 067°08'tideSt. Croix Island, Maine
N 45°12', W 067°17'tideSt. Stephen, New Brunswick
N 47°01', W 070°56'tideSte-Anne-De-Beaupré, Québec
N 44°30', W 067°33'tideSteele Harbor Island, Maine
N 44°36', W 067°22'tideStone Island, Machias Bay, Maine
N 44°09', W 068°40'tideStonington, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 42°17', W 070°53'tideStrawberry Hill, Massachusetts
N 43°59', W 069°50'tideSturgeon Island, Merrymeeting Bay, Maine
N 44°31', W 068°12'tideSullivan, Maine
N 48°08', W 069°43'tideTadoussac, Saguenay River, Québec
N 41°53', W 071°06'tideTaunton, Taunton River, Massachusetts
N 43°58', W 069°12'tideTenants Harbor, Maine
N 45°10', W 067°12'tideThe Ledge, St. Croix River, New Brunswick
N 44°04', W 069°11'tideThomaston, Maine
N 42°04', W 073°56'tideTivoli, Hudson River, New York
N 44°29', W 067°50'tideTrafton Island, Narraguagus Bay, Maine
N 47°24', W 070°14'tideTraverse St-Roch, Québec
N 48°08', W 069°11'tideTrois-Pistoles, Québec
N 46°21', W 072°33'tideTrois-Rivières, Québec
N 46°20', W 072°32'tideTrois-Rivières, Québec (2)
N 42°44', W 073°42'tideTroy, Hudson River, New York
N 44°30', W 068°26'tideUnion River, Maine
N 43°54', W 069°46'currentUpper Hell Gate (Sasanoa River, Maine) Current
N 43°54', W 069°47'tideUpper Hell Gate, Sasanoa River, Maine
N 43°41', W 070°09'tideVaill Island, Maine
N 44°03', W 068°50'tideVinalhaven, Vinalhaven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine
N 44°06', W 069°23'tideWaldoboro, Maine
N 41°55', W 070°02'tideWellfleet, Massachusetts
N 44°53', W 066°57'tideWelshpool, Campobello Island, New Brunswick
N 44°53', W 066°57'tideWelshpool, Campobello Island, New Brunswick (2)
N 44°49', W 066°58'tideWest Quoddy Head, Maine
N 44°49', W 066°59'tideWest Quoddy Head, Maine (2)
N 42°15', W 070°56'tideWeymouth Back River Bridge, Massachusetts
N 42°15', W 070°58'tideWeymouth Fore River Bridge, Massachusetts
N 43°50', W 069°59'tideWilson Cove, Middle Bay, Maine
N 44°56', W 066°56'tideWilson's Beach, Campobello Island, New Brunswick
N 44°56', W 066°56'tideWilson's Beach, Campobello Island, New Brunswick (2)
N 44°23', W 068°05'tideWinter Harbor, Maine
N 44°38', W 068°51'tideWinterport, Penobscot River, Maine
N 44°00', W 069°40'tideWiscasset, Maine
N 43°27', W 070°21'tideWood Island Harbor, Maine
N 43°08', W 070°38'tideYork Harbor, Maine