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Location Station name
N 46°58', W 123°51'tideAberdeen, Washington
N 46°58', W 123°51'tideAberdeen, Washington (2) (expired 1993-12-31)
N 46°58', W 123°51'tideAberdeen, Washington (3)
N 47°23', W 122°49'tideAllyn, Washington
N 47°12', W 122°56'tideArcadia, Washington
N 47°16', W 122°39'tideArletta, Hale Passage, Puget Sound, Washington
N 47°17', W 122°39'tideArletta, Washington
N 46°11', W 123°52'tideAstoria (Port Docks), Columbia River, Oregon
N 46°12', W 123°46'tideAstoria (Tongue Point), Oregon
N 46°12', W 123°46'tideAstoria (Tongue Point), Oregon (2) (expired 1985-12-31)
N 46°12', W 123°46'tideAstoria (Tongue Point), Oregon (3)
N 46°10', W 123°51'tideAstoria (Youngs Bay), Columbia River, Oregon
N 47°30', W 123°03'tideAyock Point, Washington
N 47°11', W 122°41'currentBalch Passage, Washington Current
N 43°07', W 124°25'tideBandon, Coquille River, Oregon
N 44°37', W 124°05'tideBar at entrance, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
N 45°34', W 123°57'tideBarview, Tillamook Bay, Oregon
N 46°38', W 123°57'tideBay Center, Palix River, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°52', W 124°04'tideBay City, Tillamook Bay, Oregon
N 46°52', W 124°04'tideBay City, Tillamook Bay, Oregon (2)
N 47°36', W 122°40'currentBlake Island, SW of, Washington Current
N 47°34', W 122°38'tideBremerton, Washington
N 47°34', W 122°37'tideBremerton, Washington
N 45°40', W 123°55'tideBrighton, Nehalem River, Oregon
N 42°03', W 124°17'tideBrookings, Chetco Cove, Oregon
N 47°39', W 122°37'tideBrownsville, Port Orchard, Washington
N 47°06', W 122°54'tideBudd Inlet, Olympia Shoal, Puget Sound, Washington
N 47°07', W 123°03'tideBurnes Point, Washington
N 47°28', W 122°41'currentBurrows Bay, 0.5 E of Allan Island, Washington Current
N 47°28', W 122°42'currentBurrows Is - Allan Is channel, Washington Current
N 47°29', W 122°44'currentBurrows Island Light, Washington Current
N 47°24', W 122°28'tideBurton, Quartermaster Harbor (inside), Washington
N 43°21', W 124°19'tideCharleston, Oregon
N 43°21', W 124°19'tideCharleston, Oregon (2)
N 46°16', W 123°57'tideChinook, Baker Bay, Columbia River, Washington
N 47°35', W 122°33'tideClam Bay, Rich Passage, Washington
N 46°16', W 124°04'tideColumbia River entrance (N. Jetty),
N 47°24', W 122°49'currentColville Island, 1 miles SSE of, Washington Current
N 47°25', W 122°47'currentColville Island, 1.4 miles E of, Washington Current
N 46°58', W 123°47'tideCosmopolis, Chehalis River, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 41°45', W 124°11'tideCrescent City, California
N 41°45', W 124°11'tideCrescent City, California (2) (expired 1989-12-31)
N 47°10', W 122°52'currentDana Passage, Washington Current
N 47°25', W 122°42'currentDeception Island, 1.3 miles NW of, Washington Current
N 47°24', W 122°42'currentDeception Island, 1.O miles W of, Washington Current
N 47°24', W 122°20'tideDes Moines, Washington
N 47°40', W 124°29'tideDestruction Island, Washington
N 47°10', W 122°46'tideDevils Head, Washington
N 47°16', W 122°32'currentDiscovery Island, 3.3 miles NE of, Washington Current
N 47°09', W 122°54'tideDofflemeyer Point, Budd Inlet, Washington
N 47°07', W 122°40'tideDupont Wharf, Washington
N 47°32', W 122°19'tideDuwamish Waterway, Washington
N 47°37', W 122°31'tideEagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Washington
N 47°09', W 122°56'currentEld Inlet Entrance, Washington Current
N 43°23', W 124°13'tideEmpire, Oregon
N 44°01', W 124°08'tideEntrance, Siuslaw River, Oregon
N 43°40', W 124°12'tideEntrance, Umpqua River, Oregon
N 47°29', W 122°42'currentFigaldo Head, Washington Current
N 43°58', W 124°06'tideFlorence, Siuslaw River, Oregon
N 46°16', W 124°02'tideFort Canhy, Jetty A, Columbia River, Washington
N 43°44', W 124°07'tideGardiner, Umpqua River, Oregon
N 45°33', W 123°55'tideGaribaldi, Oregon
N 45°33', W 123°55'tideGaribaldi, Oregon (2)
N 47°13', W 122°35'currentGibson Point, 0.8 miles E of, Washington Current
N 47°20', W 122°34'currentGig Harbor Entrance, Washington Current
N 47°20', W 122°35'tideGig Harbor, Washington
N 46°55', W 124°08'currentGrays Harbor Entrance, Washington Current
N 47°17', W 122°39'currentHale Passage, West end, Washington Current
N 47°12', W 122°58'currentHammersley Inlet, 0.8 miles E of Libby Pt, Washington Current
N 47°12', W 123°02'currentHammersley Inlet, W of Skookum Pt, Washington Current
N 46°12', W 123°57'tideHammond, Columbia River, Oregon
N 47°31', W 122°31'tideHarper, Yukon Harbor, Washington
N 46°16', W 123°39'tideHarrington Point, Columbia River, Washington
N 47°09', W 122°50'tideHenderson Inlet, Washington
N 47°16', W 122°45'tideHome, Von Geldern Cove, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington
N 47°18', W 122°40'tideHorsehead Bay, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington
N 47°33', W 122°34'currentHuckleberry Island, 0.5 miles N of, Washington Current
N 46°15', W 123°51'tideHungry Harbor., Columbia River, Washington
N 46°18', W 124°02'tideIlwaco, Baker Bay, Wash., Columbia River, Washington
N 44°54', W 124°00'tideKernville, Siletz River, Oregon
N 46°11', W 123°35'tideKnappa, Knappa Slough, Columbia River, Oregon
N 46°60', W 123°54'tideLittle Hoquiam River, highway bridge, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 47°35', W 122°22'tideLockheed Shipyard, Washington
N 47°13', W 122°45'tideLongbranch, Washington
N 47°25', W 122°54'tideLynch Cove Dock, Washington
N 46°41', W 123°49'tideMailboat Slough, Willapa River, Washington
N 46°54', W 123°60'tideMarkham, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 47°14', W 122°51'tideMcMicken Island, Case Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington
N 46°58', W 123°36'tideMontesano, Chehalis River, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 46°58', W 123°57'tideMoon Island, North Channel, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 46°30', W 124°01'tideNahcotta, Willipa Bay, Washington
N 46°30', W 124°01'tideNahcotta, Willipa Bay, Washington (2)
N 46°23', W 123°50'tideNaselle River, 4 miles above swing bridge, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°26', W 123°54'tideNaselle River, swing bridge, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 45°43', W 123°53'tideNehalem, Nehalem River, Oregon
N 45°10', W 123°53'tideNestucca Bay entrance, Oregon
N 44°38', W 124°03'tideNewport, Yaquina River, Oregon
N 47°07', W 122°42'currentNisqually Reach, Washington Current
N 47°03', W 122°54'tideOlympia, Washington
N 47°03', W 122°54'tideOlympia, Washington
N 46°35', W 123°55'tidePalix River, south fork, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°28', W 123°57'tideParadise Point, Long Island, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 47°13', W 122°55'currentPeale Passage, North end, Washington Current
N 47°18', W 122°51'currentPickering Passage, North, Washington Current
N 47°15', W 122°56'currentPickering Passage, off Graham Pt, Washington Current
N 47°13', W 122°56'currentPickering Passage, South, Washington Current
N 47°13', W 122°43'currentPitt Passage, E of Pitt Island, Washington Current
N 47°40', W 122°55'tidePleasant Harbor, Washington
N 46°12', W 123°57'tidePoint Adams., Columbia River, Oregon
N 46°57', W 124°08'tidePoint Brown, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 47°18', W 124°16'tidePoint Grenville, Washington
N 47°36', W 122°31'tidePort Blakely, Washington
N 42°44', W 124°30'tidePort Orford, Oregon
N 42°44', W 124°30'tidePort Orford, Oregon (2)
N 47°31', W 122°28'tidePort Vashon, Washington
N 47°34', W 122°37'currentPort Washington Narrows, North Entrance of, Washington Current
N 47°35', W 122°34'currentPort Washington Narrows, South Entrance of, Washington Current
N 46°41', W 123°45'tideRaymond, Washington
N 46°41', W 123°45'tideRaymond, Washington
N 43°42', W 124°06'tideReedsport, Umpqua River, Oregon
N 47°35', W 122°26'currentRestoration Point, 0.6 miles ESE of, Washington Current
N 47°34', W 122°30'currentRich Passage, East End, Washington Current
N 47°35', W 122°28'currentRich Passage, North of Blake Island, Washington Current
N 47°35', W 122°32'currentRich Passage, off Pleasant Beach, Washington Current
N 47°34', W 122°32'currentRich Passage, West end, Washington Current
N 47°05', W 123°00'tideRocky Point, Eld Inlet, Washington
N 47°39', W 122°50'tideSeabeck, Seabeck Bay, Washington
N 46°00', W 123°55'tideSeaside, 12th Avenue bridge, Necanicum River, Oregon
N 47°36', W 122°20'tideSeattle, Washington
N 47°36', W 122°02'tideSeattle, Washington (2)
N 46°10', W 123°41'tideSettlers Point, Columbia River, Oregon
N 47°13', W 123°05'tideShelton, Washington
N 47°32', W 122°30'currentSkagit Bay, 1 mile N of Rocky Point, Washington Current
N 47°21', W 122°32'currentSkagit Bay, 1 mile S of Goat Island, Washington Current
N 47°24', W 122°35'currentSkagit Bay, channel SW of Hope Island, Washington Current
N 44°38', W 124°03'tideSouth Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregon
N 44°38', W 124°03'tideSouth Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregon (2)
N 46°40', W 123°48'tideSouth Bend, Washington
N 46°40', W 123°48'tideSouth Bend, Washington (2)
N 47°11', W 122°55'currentSquaxin Passage, N of Hunter Point, Washington Current
N 47°10', W 122°36'tideSteilacoom, Washington
N 47°16', W 122°33'tideTacoma Narrows Bridge, Washington
N 47°15', W 122°26'tideTacoma, Commencement Bay, Washington
N 47°17', W 122°25'tideTacoma, Washington
N 44°56', W 124°01'tideTaft, Siletz Bay, Oregon
N 47°20', W 122°30'tideTahlequah, Neil Point, Washington
N 46°22', W 124°03'tideTarlatt Slough, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 47°18', W 122°33'currentThe Narrows (North End), Puget Sound, Washington Current
N 47°17', W 122°33'currentThe Narrows, 0.1 miles E of Pt. Evans, Washington Current
N 47°18', W 122°32'currentThe Narrows, North end E side, Washington Current
N 47°18', W 122°33'currentThe Narrows, North End, W side, Washington Current
N 47°16', W 122°33'currentThe Narrows, S end midstream, Washington Current
N 45°28', W 123°51'tideTillamook, Hoquarten Slough, Oregon
N 46°42', W 123°58'tideToke Point, Willapa Bay, Washington
N 46°42', W 123°58'tideToke Point, Willapa Bay, Washington (2)
N 46°42', W 123°58'tideToke Point, Willapa Bay, Washington (3)
N 44°32', W 123°56'tideToledo, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
N 47°37', W 122°40'tideTracyton, Dyes Inlet, Washington
N 41°03', W 124°09'tideTrinidad Harbor, California
N 47°36', W 122°59'tideTriton Head, Washington
N 47°21', W 123°06'tideUnion, Washington
N 45°38', W 122°41'tideVancouver, Columbia River, Washington (dubious accuracy)
N 47°21', W 122°47'tideVaughn, Washington
N 44°26', W 124°03'tideWaldport, Alsea Bay, Oregon
N 47°17', W 122°55'tideWalkers Landing, Washington
N 46°10', W 123°55'tideWarrenton, Skipanon River, Columbia River, Oregon
N 47°23', W 122°38'tideWauna, Washington
N 42°26', W 124°25'tideWedderburn, Rogue River, Oregon
N 47°23', W 122°42'currentWest Point, Whidbey Island, 1.8 miles SW of, Washington Current
N 46°54', W 124°07'tideWestport, Point Chehalis, Grays Harbor, Washington
N 46°41', W 123°40'tideWillapa City, Willapa River, Washington
N 47°35', W 122°35'currentWilliam Point Light, 0.8 miles W of, Washington Current
N 44°35', W 124°00'tideWinant, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
N 44°36', W 124°01'tideYaquina, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
N 47°25', W 122°37'currentYokeko Point, Deception Pass, Washington Current
N 47°11', W 122°40'tideYoman Point, Anderson Island, Washington