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Location Station name
N 30°17', W 087°33'tideAlabama Point, Perdido Pass, Alabama
N 30°24', W 088°15'tideBayou La Batre Bridge, Alabama
N 30°22', W 088°17'tideBayou La Batre, Mississippi Sound, Alabama
N 30°26', W 088°48'tideBayou Talla, Back Bay, Biloxi, Mississippi
N 30°20', W 087°21'tideBig Lagoon, Florida
N 30°23', W 087°26'tideBlue Angels Park, Perdido Bay, Florida
N 30°18', W 087°44'tideBon Secour, Bon Secour River, Alabama
N 30°20', W 088°02'currentChannel, 6 miles N of Mobile Point, Alabama Current
N 30°47', W 088°04'tideChickasaw Creek, Alabama
N 30°39', W 088°03'tideCoast Guard sector, Mobile, Alabama
N 30°21', W 088°30'tideDock E, Port of Pascagoula, Mississippi
N 30°34', W 088°05'tideDog River Bridge, Alabama
N 30°27', W 088°07'tideEast Fowl River Bridge, Alabama
N 30°17', W 088°08'currentEntrance to Mississippi Sound, Pass Aux Herons, Alabama Current
N 30°20', W 087°19'tideFort McRee Breakwater, Pensacola Bay, Florida
N 30°26', W 088°07'tideFowl River, Mobile Bay Entrance, Alabama
N 30°23', W 088°37'tideGautier, Mississippi
N 30°25', W 088°24'tideGrand Bay NERR, Mississippi Sound, Mississippi
N 30°22', W 088°40'tideGraveline Bayou entrance, Mississippi
N 30°29', W 087°56'tideGreat Point Clear, Mobile Bay, Alabama
N 30°17', W 087°41'tideGulf Shores, ICWW, Alabama
N 30°23', W 088°46'tideHollingsworth Point, Davis Bayou, Mississippi
N 30°23', W 088°46'tideHollingsworth Point, Davis Bayou, Mississippi (sub)
N 30°59', W 087°52'tideLower Bryant Landing, Tensay River, Alabama
N 30°49', W 087°55'tideLower Hall Landing, Tensaw River, Alabama
N 30°40', W 087°56'tideMeaher State Park, Mobile Bay, Alabama
N 30°25', W 087°21'tideMillview, Perdido Bay, Florida
N 30°42', W 088°03'tideMobile (Mobile State Docks), Alabama
N 30°40', W 088°02'currentMobile River entrance, Alabama Current
N 30°24', W 087°25'tideNix Point, Perdido Bay, Florida
N 30°22', W 088°42'tideNorth Shore, Mississippi
N 30°25', W 088°47'tideOcean Springs Marina, Old Fort Bayou, Mississippi
N 30°24', W 088°48'tideOcean Springs, Mississippi
N 30°25', W 088°50'tideOcean Springs, Old Fort Bayou, Mississippi
N 30°22', W 088°34'tidePascagoula NOAA Lab, Pascagoula River, Mississippi
N 30°20', W 088°32'tidePascagoula Point, Mississippi Sound, Mississippi
N 30°20', W 088°32'tidePascagoula Point, Mississippi Sound, Mississippi (sub)
N 30°20', W 087°18'currentPensacola Bay entrance, midchannel, Florida Current
N 30°29', W 087°56'tidePoint Clear, Mobile Bay, Alabama
N 30°23', W 088°26'tidePoint of Pines, Bayou Cumbest, Mississippi
N 30°41', W 088°01'currentTensaw River entrance (bridge), Alabama Current
N 30°21', W 087°16'tideWarrington, 2 miles south of, Pensacola Bay, Florida
N 30°25', W 087°50'tideWeeks Bay, Vermilion Bay, Louisiana
N 30°23', W 088°10'tideWest Fowl River Bridge, Alabama