Weather Stations Map

Tides and Currents Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
AP157SV2BBO-2 Thessaloniki GR
AP617SV8DTD-2 Mitilini GR
AR031SV2BNL-2 Thessaloniki GR
AR035SV3AQN-2 Patra GR
AR036SV3BEF-2 Vlaherna GR
AS451SV1LH-1 Melissia GR
AS453SV2BZQ-2 Thessalonik GR
AT160SV2BZQ-1 Makrigialos GR
AT686SV1DH Markopoulo Mesogaias GR
AU440SV1IW Athens
AU610SV1QT-2 Athens GR
AU683SV1KYQ Acharnes GR
AU777SV1BYK-2 Athens GR
C7313CW7313 Drosia of Attica GR
C7977CW7977 Corfu GR
C8081CW8081 Thessaloniki GR