Weather Stations Map

Tides and Currents Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
C7313CW7313 Drosia of Attica GR
C8081CW8081 Thessaloniki GR
E0407EW0407 Athens GR
E0908EW0908 Khalkis GR
E1134EW1134 Oinofyta GR
E1514EW1514 Thessaloniki GR
E1806EW1806 Kalamata GR
E3486EW3486 Thessaloniki GR
E3752EW3752 Thassos GR
E3950EW3950 Pantokratora GR
E4039EW4039 Volos GR
E4115EW4115 Athens GR
E5562EW5562 Agios Dimitrios Viotias GR
E6070EW6070 Athens GR
E6913EW6913 Sykia GR
E7199EW7199 Taranto IT
E7512EW7512 Athens GR
E8067EW8067 Manduria IT
E8605EW8605 Vrilissia GR
E9606EW9606 Rhodes GR
E9696EW9696 Timbaki GR