Weather Stations Map

Tides and Currents Pressure Air Temp Water Temp Dewpoint Dewpoint Depression Visibility Wind Speed Wind Dir Waves Ship Positions
AR036SV3BEF-2 Vlaherna GR
AS451SV1LH-1 Melissia GR
AS632SV3BEF-4 Korifi GR
AT686SV1DH Markopoulo Mesogaias GR
AU440SV1IW Athens
AU610SV1QT-2 Athens GR
AU747IW9FRA-2 Erice IT
AU777SV1BYK-2 Athens GR
C1839CW1839 Catania IT
C6242CW6242 Cefala IT
C7313CW7313 Drosia of Attica GR
D2770DW2770 Cefalu IT
D3649DW3649 Athens GR
D5560DW5560 Heraklion GR
D6214DW6214 Katw Vlasia GR
D7009DW7009 Glyfada GR
D7255DW7255 Lido di Noto IT
D7628DW7628 Caltanissetta IT
D7760DW7760 Kalavrita GR
D7880DW7880 Acharnes GR
D8452DW8452 Acharnes GR
D8750DW8750 Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto IT
D9097DW9097 Pedara IT
E0172EW0172 Bagheria IT
E0396EW0396 Cammarata IT
E0407EW0407 Athens GR
E1806EW1806 Kalamata GR
E3448EW3448 Victoria MT
E4115EW4115 Athens GR
E5306EW5306 Cefala IT
E5526EW5526 Partanna IT
E5699EW5699 Cefalu IT
E6070EW6070 Athens GR
E6851EW6851 Barcellona Pozzo Di Gotto IT
E6913EW6913 Sykia GR
E8605EW8605 Vrilissia GR
E8748EW8748 Mirabella Imbaccari IT
E8812EW8812 Pace Del Mela IT