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Location Station name
N 40°05', W 074°51'tideAssiscunk Creek, Route 130 bridge, New Jersey
N 40°25', W 074°02'tideAtlantic Highlands, New Jersey
N 39°55', W 074°07'tideBarnegat Pier, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°35', W 073°53'tideBarren Island, Rockaway Inlet, Long Island, New York
N 40°04', W 074°04'tideBeaverdam Creek entrance, New Jersey
N 40°04', W 074°04'tideBeaverdam Creek, inside, New Jersey
N 40°11', W 074°00'tideBelmar, Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey
N 39°51', W 075°15'tideBillingsport, New Jersey
N 39°59', W 075°05'tideBridesburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
N 40°02', W 074°56'tideBridgeboro, Rancocas Creek, New Jersey
N 39°48', W 075°21'tideBridgeport, Raccoon Creek, New Jersey, Delaware River, New Jersey
N 40°05', W 074°53'tideBurlington, New Jersey
N 40°35', W 074°13'tideCarteret, New Jersey
N 39°52', W 074°09'tideCedar Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°27', W 074°16'tideCheesequake Creek, Garden State Parkway, New Jersey
N 40°36', W 074°12'tideChelsea, New Jersey
N 39°57', W 074°07'tideCoates Point, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°34', W 073°59'tideConey Island, Brooklyn, New York
N 40°04', W 074°56'tideCornwells Heights, Pennsylvania
N 40°08', W 074°49'tideEdgely, Pennsylvania
N 40°08', W 074°44'tideFieldsboro, New Jersey
N 40°04', W 074°08'tideForge Pond, New Jersey
N 39°50', W 074°10'tideForked River, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 39°58', W 074°07'tideGoose Creek entrance, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°20', W 074°01'tideGooseneck Point, bridge, New Jersey
N 40°33', W 074°08'tideGreat Kills Harbor, New Jersey
N 39°59', W 074°49'tideHainesport, South Branch Rancocas Creek, New Jersey
N 40°24', W 073°59'tideHighlands, New Jersey
N 39°51', W 074°05'tideIsland Beach, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 39°47', W 074°06'tideIsland Beach, Sedge Islands, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°27', W 074°09'tideKeansburg, Waackaack Creek, New Jersey
N 40°30', W 074°19'tideKeasbey, New Jersey
N 40°01', W 074°07'tideKettle Creek, Green Island, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°26', W 074°12'tideKeyport, New Jersey
N 40°18', W 073°59'tideLong Branch (fishing pier), New Jersey
N 40°06', W 074°02'tideManasquan Inlet, USCG Station, New Jersey
N 40°06', W 074°02'tideManasquan Inlet, USCG Station, New Jersey (2)
N 40°02', W 074°03'tideMantoloking, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 39°48', W 075°11'tideMantua, Mantua Creek, New Jersey
N 39°49', W 074°25'tideMarcus Hook, Pennsylvania, Delaware River, Pennsylvania
N 39°57', W 075°11'tideMarket Street Bridge, Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania
N 40°26', W 074°13'tideMatawan Creek, Route 35 bridge, New Jersey
N 40°11', W 074°03'tideNew Bedford, New Jersey
N 40°29', W 074°26'tideNew Brunswick, New Jersey
N 40°34', W 074°06'tideNew Dorp Beach, New Jersey
N 39°60', W 074°49'tideNorth Branch, Rancocas Creek, New Jersey
N 40°35', W 073°60'tideNorton Point, Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn, New York
N 39°53', W 075°17'tideNorwood City, Darby Creek, Pennsylvania
N 39°59', W 074°04'tideOcean Beach, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°23', W 074°01'tideOceanic Bridge, Navesink River, New Jersey
N 40°25', W 074°22'tideOld Bridge, South River, New Jersey
N 39°48', W 074°11'tideOyster Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 39°60', W 075°02'tidePalmyra, Pennsauken Creek, Route 73 bridge, New Jersey
N 39°50', W 075°14'tidePaulsboro, Mantua Creek, New Jersey
N 39°57', W 075°06'tidePavonia, Cooper River, RR. bridge, New Jersey
N 39°54', W 075°13'tidePenrose Avenue Bridge, Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania
N 40°30', W 074°16'tidePerth Amboy, New Jersey
N 39°56', W 075°09'tidePhiladelphia, Delaware River
N 39°57', W 075°08'tidePhiladelphia, Municipal Pier 11, Pennsylvania
N 39°57', W 075°08'tidePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
N 39°57', W 075°08'currentPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Current
N 40°35', W 073°55'tidePlumb Beach Channel, Long Island, New York
N 40°01', W 075°00'tidePompeston Creek, New Jersey
N 40°31', W 074°12'tidePrinces Bay, New Jersey
N 40°36', W 074°14'tideRahway River, RR. Bridge, New Jersey
N 40°21', W 074°04'tideRed Bank, Navesink River, New Jersey
N 40°21', W 074°04'tideRed Bank, Navesink River, New Jersey (2)
N 40°06', W 074°05'tideRiviera Beach, New Jersey
N 40°33', W 074°13'tideRossville, New York
N 40°06', W 074°03'tideRoute 35 bridge, New Jersey
N 40°28', W 074°00'tideSandy Hook, New Jersey
N 40°28', W 074°01'tideSandy Hook, New Jersey (2) (expired 1994-12-31)
N 40°29', W 074°21'tideSayreville, New Jersey
N 40°22', W 073°58'tideSea Bright, New Jersey
N 40°08', W 074°02'tideSea Girt, New Jersey
N 39°57', W 074°02'tideSeaside Heights, ocean, New Jersey
N 39°55', W 074°05'tideSeaside Park, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°12', W 074°02'tideShark River Hills, New Jersey
N 40°11', W 074°02'tideShark River Island, fixed RR. bridge, New Jersey
N 39°60', W 074°09'tideSilver Bay, Silver Bay Marina, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 39°54', W 074°08'tideSloop Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°30', W 074°17'tideSouth Amboy, New Jersey
N 39°51', W 074°09'tideStouts Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°03', W 074°07'tideTall Pines Camp, New Jersey
N 39°53', W 075°16'tideTinicum National Wildlife Refuge, Darby Creek, Pennsylvania
N 39°53', W 075°17'tideTinicum National Wildlife Refuge, Darby Creek, Pennsylvania (2)
N 39°57', W 074°12'tideToms River (town), Toms River, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
N 40°31', W 074°15'tideTottenville, New Jersey
N 40°11', W 074°45'tideTrenton, Delaware River, New Jersey
N 40°11', W 074°45'tideTrenton, Delaware River, New Jersey (2)
N 39°53', W 075°18'tideWanamaker Bridge, Darby Creek, Pennsylvania
N 39°48', W 074°11'tideWaretown, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey (2)
N 40°28', W 074°22'tideWashington Canal, New Jersey
N 39°53', W 075°07'tideWestville, Rt. 47 bridge, Big Timber Creek, New Jersey
N 39°59', W 074°49'tideWildwood Crest, ocean pier, New Jersey
N 40°33', W 074°16'tideWoodbridge Creek, 0.8 n.mi. above entrance, New Jersey
N 39°52', W 075°11'tideWoodbury Creek, New Jersey

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