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Location Station name
N 26°07', W 080°09'tideAndrews Avenue bridge, New River, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 26°07', W 080°06'tideBahía Mar Yacht Club, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 26°21', W 080°05'tideBoca Raton, Lake Boca Raton, Florida
N 26°33', W 080°03'tideBoynton Beach, Florida
N 26°19', W 080°05'tideDeerfield Beach, Hillsboro River, Florida
N 26°28', W 080°04'tideDelray Beach, ICWW, Florida
N 25°57', W 080°08'tideDumfoundling Bay, Florida
N 25°58', W 080°08'tideGolden Beach, ICWW, Florida
N 26°16', W 080°05'tideHillsboro Beach, ICWW, Florida
N 26°15', W 080°05'tideHillsboro Inlet (ocean), Florida
N 26°16', W 080°05'tideHillsboro Inlet Marina, Florida
N 26°15', W 080°05'tideHillsboro Inlet, Coast Guard Light Station, Florida
N 26°02', W 080°07'tideHollywood Beach, Florida
N 26°03', W 080°08'tideHollywood Beach, West Lake, north end, Florida
N 26°02', W 080°07'tideHollywood Beach, West Lake, south end, Florida
N 26°37', W 080°02'tideLake Worth Pier, Florida
N 26°37', W 080°02'tideLake Worth Pier, Florida (2)
N 26°22', W 080°04'tideLake Wyman, ICWW, Florida
N 26°11', W 080°06'tideLauderdale-by-the-Sea, Anglin Fishing Pier, Florida
N 26°06', W 080°06'tideMayan Lake, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 25°56', W 080°07'tideNorth Miami Beach, Newport Fishing Pier, Florida
N 26°32', W 080°03'tideOcean Ridge, ICWW, Florida
N 26°44', W 080°03'tidePalm Beach, Florida
N 26°42', W 080°03'tidePalm Beach, Highway 704 bridge, Florida
N 26°06', W 080°07'tidePort Everglades, Turning Basin, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 26°04', W 080°08'tidePort Laudania, Dania cut-off Canal, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 26°27', W 080°04'tideSouth Delray Beach, ICWW, Florida
N 26°05', W 080°07'tideSouth Port Everglades, ICWW, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 25°56', W 080°08'tideSunny Isles, Biscayne Creek, Florida
N 26°39', W 080°03'tideWest Palm Beach Canal, Florida
N 26°39', W 080°03'tideWest Palm Beach Canal, Florida (2)
N 26°05', W 080°07'tideWhiskey Creek, north end, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 26°03', W 080°07'tideWhiskey Creek, south end, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
N 26°24', W 080°04'tideYamato, ICWW, Florida

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