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Location Station name
N 33°52', W 078°00'tideBald Head, Cape Fear River, North Carolina
N 34°07', W 077°56'tideCampbell Island, North Carolina
N 33°51', W 077°58'tideCape Fear, North Carolina
N 34°21', W 077°56'tideCastle Hayne, Northeast River, North Carolina
N 33°50', W 078°38'tideCherry Grove (inside), South Carolina
N 33°51', W 078°34'tideDunn Sound, Little River Inlet, South Carolina
N 33°52', W 078°35'tideDunn Sound, north end, South Carolina
N 33°51', W 078°35'tideDunn Sound, west end, South Carolina
N 33°54', W 078°01'tideFort Caswell, Cape Fear River, North Carolina
N 33°50', W 078°36'tideHog Inlet Pier, South Carolina
N 33°55', W 078°16'tideHolden Beach, North Carolina
N 33°52', W 078°36'tideLittle River (town), ICWW, South Carolina
N 33°52', W 078°34'tideLittle River Neck, north end, South Carolina
N 33°55', W 078°14'tideLockwoods Folly Inlet, North Carolina
N 34°11', W 077°49'tideMasonboro Inlet, North Carolina
N 33°49', W 078°43'tideMyrtle Beach Airport, ICWW, South Carolina
N 34°22', W 077°38'tideNew Topsail Inlet, North Carolina
N 33°51', W 078°39'tideNixon Crossroads, ICWW, South Carolina
N 34°03', W 077°56'tideOrton Point, North Carolina
N 34°00', W 077°57'tideReaves Point, North Carolina
N 33°55', W 078°22'tideShallotte Inlet (Bowen Point), North Carolina
N 33°55', W 078°01'tideSouthport, Cape Fear River, North Carolina
N 33°53', W 078°29'tideTubbs Inlet, North Carolina
N 34°02', W 077°54'tideWilmington Beach, North Carolina
N 34°14', W 077°57'tideWilmington, North Carolina
N 34°13', W 077°48'tideWrightsville Beach, North Carolina
N 33°54', W 078°05'tideYaupon Beach, North Carolina

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