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Location Station name
N 29°04', W 090°48'tideCaillou Boca, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana
N 29°15', W 090°40'tideCocodrie, Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana
N 29°44', W 091°43'tideCote Blanche Island, West Cote Blanche Bay, Louisiana
N 29°43', W 091°53'tideCypremort Point, Louisiana
N 29°22', W 091°23'tideEugene Island, Louisiana
N 29°31', W 092°03'tideLighthouse Point, Louisiana
N 29°20', W 091°21'tidePoint Au Fer, Louisiana
N 29°31', W 091°33'tidePoint Chevreuil, Louisiana
N 29°25', W 091°36'tideRabbit Island, 5 miles south of, Louisiana
N 29°04', W 090°58'tideRaccoon Point, Caillou Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana
N 29°28', W 091°18'tideShell Island, Louisiana
N 29°29', W 091°46'tideSouth Point, Marsh Island, Louisiana
N 29°35', W 092°02'tideSouthwest Pass, Vermilion Bay, Louisiana
N 29°05', W 090°37'tideWine Island, Terrebonne Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana

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