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Location Station name
N 61°14', W 149°55'tideAnchorage (Knik Arm), Alaska
N 61°14', W 149°53'tideAnchorage, Alaska
N 61°14', W 149°53'tideAnchorage, Alaska (2) (expired 1999-08-03)
N 60°33', W 145°45'tideCordova, Alaska
N 59°36', W 151°25'tideHomer, Alaska
N 57°47', W 152°24'tideKodiak, Alaska (1) (expired 1993-12-31)
N 57°47', W 152°24'tideKodiak, Alaska (2)
N 57°44', W 152°31'tideKodiak, Women's Bay, Alaska
N 58°42', W 157°15'currentKvichak Bay (off Naknek River entrance), Alaska Current
N 60°41', W 151°24'tideNikiski, Cook Inlet, Alaska
N 59°26', W 151°43'tideSeldovia, Alaska
N 60°07', W 149°26'tideSeward, Resurrection Bay, Alaska
N 60°06', W 149°27'tideSeward, Resurrection Bay, Alaska (2)
N 61°08', W 146°22'tideValdez, Alaska
N 59°33', W 139°44'tideYakutat, Yakutat Bay, Alaska
N 59°33', W 139°44'tideYakutat, Yakutat Bay, Alaska (2)

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