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Location Station name
N 57°09', W 002°05'tideAberdeen, Scotland
N 52°24', W 004°05'tideAberystwyth, Wales
N 51°14', E 004°24'tideAntwerpen, Belgium
N 51°30', W 002°43'tideAvonmouth (Port of Bristol), England
N 51°30', W 002°43'tideAvonmouth (Port of Bristol), England (2)
N 54°06', W 003°12'tideBarrow in Furness, England
N 51°23', W 003°16'tideBarry, Wales
N 51°24', E 004°13'tideBath, Netherlands
N 51°36', W 002°38'tideBeachley (Aust), River Severn, England
N 54°36', W 005°55'tideBelfast, Northern Ireland
N 54°36', W 005°55'tideBelfast, Northern Ireland (2)
N 51°30', E 004°12'tideBergsche Diepsluis west, Netherlands
N 53°35', E 006°40'tideBorkum, Germany
N 51°45', E 003°49'tideBrouwershavense Gat 8, Netherlands
N 51°23', E 003°23'tideCadzand, Netherlands
N 51°27', W 003°10'tideCardiff, Wales
N 51°24', E 000°33'tideChatham, England
N 51°50', W 008°18'tideCobh, Ireland
N 51°50', W 008°18'tideCobh, Ireland (2)
N 53°20', E 006°56'tideDelfzijl, Netherlands
N 52°58', E 004°45'tideDen Helder, Netherlands
N 52°56', E 005°08'tideDen Oever, Netherlands
N 53°21', W 006°13'tideDublin, Ireland
N 53°21', W 006°13'tideDublin, Ireland (2)
N 56°28', W 002°57'tideDundee, Scotland
N 53°27', E 006°50'tideEemshaven, Netherlands
N 55°29', E 008°28'tideEsbjerg, Denmark
N 55°29', E 008°28'tideEsbjerg, Denmark (2)
N 52°00', E 003°17'tideEuro platform, Netherlands
N 53°16', W 009°03'tideGalway, Ireland
N 53°16', W 009°03'tideGalway, Ireland (2)
N 55°58', W 004°49'tideGreenock, Scotland
N 51°27', E 004°00'tideHansweert, Netherlands
N 51°52', E 003°52'tideHaringvliet 10, Netherlands
N 51°50', E 004°02'tideHaringvlietsluizen, Netherlands
N 53°10', E 005°25'tideHarlingen, Netherlands
N 51°57', E 001°17'tideHarwich, England
N 55°11', E 007°54'tideHelgoland, Germany
N 54°11', E 007°54'tideHelgoland, Germany (2)
N 51°59', E 004°07'tideHoek van Holland, Netherlands
N 51°59', E 004°07'tideHoek van Holland, Netherlands (2)
N 51°59', E 004°07'tideHoek van Holland, Netherlands (3)
N 53°24', E 005°53'tideHolwerd, Netherlands
N 53°19', W 004°37'tideHolyhead, Wales
N 53°19', W 004°37'tideHolyhead, Wales (2)
N 53°34', E 006°24'tideHuibertgat, Netherlands
N 53°44', W 000°15'tideHull, England
N 52°28', E 004°35'tideIJmuiden, Netherlands
N 51°43', W 002°28'tideImmingham Dock, Humberside, England
N 53°38', W 000°11'tideImmingham, England
N 57°30', W 004°15'tideInverness, Scotland
N 51°39', W 002°37'tideInward Rocks, River Severn, England
N 53°13', E 003°13'tideK13A platform, Netherlands
N 53°04', E 005°20'tideKornwerderzand, Netherlands
N 51°39', E 004°09'tideKrammersluizen west, Netherlands
N 53°25', E 006°12'tideLauwersoog, Netherlands
N 55°59', W 003°10'tideLeith, Scotland
N 55°59', W 003°10'tideLeith, Scotland (2)
N 51°55', E 003°40'tideLichteiland Goeree, Netherlands
N 53°25', W 003°00'tideLiverpool, England
N 53°25', W 003°00'tideLiverpool, England (2)
N 51°30', W 000°05'tideLondon Bridge, England
N 51°30', W 000°05'tideLondon Bridge, England (2)
N 51°30', W 000°05'tideLondon Bridge, England (3)
N 55°00', W 007°19'tideLondonderry, Northern Ireland
N 55°00', W 007°19'tideLondonderry, Northern Ireland (2)
N 52°26', E 001°45'tideLowestoft, England
N 51°23', E 001°23'tideMargate, England
N 52°16', E 004°18'tideMeetpost Noordwijk, Netherlands
N 51°42', W 005°01'tideMilford Haven, Wales
N 53°26', E 005°47'tideNes, Netherlands
N 51°34', W 002°59'tideNewport, Wales
N 55°01', W 001°26'tideNorth Shields, England
N 56°25', W 005°29'tideOban, Scotland
N 53°02', E 004°51'tideOude Schild, Netherlands
N 52°46', E 004°39'tidePetten zuid, Netherlands
N 54°38', W 001°10'tideRiver Tees, England
N 55°01', W 001°24'tideRiver Tyne Entrance, England
N 55°01', W 001°24'tideRiver Tyne Entrance, England (2)
N 51°38', E 003°42'tideRoompot binnen, Netherlands
N 51°37', E 003°40'tideRoompot buiten, Netherlands
N 56°01', W 003°27'tideRosyth, Scotland
N 51°55', E 004°30'tideRotterdam, Netherlands
N 52°06', E 004°15'tideScheveningen, Netherlands
N 51°27', E 000°45'tideSheerness, England
N 51°27', E 000°45'tideSheerness, England (2)
N 51°36', E 004°01'tideStavenisse, Netherlands
N 51°37', W 003°55'tideSwansea, Wales
N 52°35', W 009°22'tideTalbert Island, River Shannon, Ireland
N 52°35', W 009°22'tideTalbert Island, River Shannon, Ireland (2)
N 51°20', E 003°50'tideTerneuzen, Netherlands
N 53°27', E 005°20'tideTerschelling Noordzee, Netherlands
N 53°22', E 005°13'tideTerschelling, Netherlands
N 53°07', E 004°44'tideTexel Noordzee, Netherlands
N 53°18', E 005°06'tideVlieland haven, Netherlands
N 51°27', E 003°36'tideVlissingen, Netherlands
N 51°51', E 001°16'tideWalton-on-the-Naze, England
N 51°44', W 002°29'tideWellhouse Rock, River Severn, England
N 53°22', E 005°13'tideWest-Terschelling, Netherlands
N 51°31', E 003°26'tideWestkapelle, Netherlands
N 53°31', E 005°58'tideWierumergronden, Netherlands
N 53°31', E 008°10'tideWilhelmshaven, Germany
N 51°20', E 003°12'tideZeebrugge, Belgium

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