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Location Station name
N 54°01', W 166°03'currentAkutan Pass, Aleutian Islands, Alaska Current
N 53°54', W 166°32'tideDutch Harbor, Alaska (expired 1988-12-31)
N 54°52', W 163°24'currentIsanotski Strait (False Pass cannery), Alaska Current
N 55°20', W 160°30'tideSand Point, Popof Island, Alaska
N 56°32', W 157°20'tideSutwik Island, West End, Alaska
N 56°48', W 156°51'tideUgaiushak Island, Alaska
N 53°53', W 166°32'tideUnalaska, Alaska
N 54°22', W 164°48'currentUnimak Pass (off Scotch Cap), Alaska Current

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