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Location Station name
N 40°38', W 008°45'tideAveiro, Portugal
N 43°35', W 005°56'tideAvilés, Spain
N 43°20', W 003°02'tideBilbao, Spain
N 43°28', W 008°16'tideEl Ferrol del Caudillo, Spain
N 40°09', W 008°52'tideFigueira da Foz, Portugal
N 40°09', W 008°52'tideFigueira da Foz, Portugal (2)
N 43°34', W 005°42'tideGijón, Spain
N 43°22', W 008°40'tideLa Coruna, Spain
N 46°10', W 001°13'tideLa Rochelle-La Pallice, France
N 41°11', W 008°42'tideLeixoes, Portugal
N 46°30', W 001°48'tideLes Sables-d'Olonne, France
N 42°24', W 008°42'tideMarín, Spain
N 43°20', W 001°56'tidePasajes, Spain
N 45°34', W 001°04'tidePointe de Grave, France
N 43°23', W 001°40'tideSaint-Jean-de-Luz, France
N 43°28', W 003°47'tideSantander, Spain
N 41°41', W 008°50'tideViana do Castelo, Portugal
N 43°31', W 001°32'tideVieux-Boucau, France
N 42°15', W 008°43'tideVigo, Spain
N 42°37', W 008°47'tideVillagarcia, Spain

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