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Location Station name
N 38°48', W 077°02'tideAlexandria, Virginia
N 38°52', W 077°00'tideAnacostia Bridge, D.C.
N 38°25', W 077°21'tideAquia Creek, Virginia
N 38°25', W 077°21'tideAquia Creek, Virginia (2)
N 39°16', W 076°35'tideBaltimore (Fort McHenry), Maryland
N 37°45', W 076°40'tideBayport, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°50', W 077°02'tideBellevue, D.C.
N 38°31', W 076°40'tideBenedict, Maryland
N 38°54', W 076°58'tideBenning Bridge, D.C.
N 37°20', W 077°16'tideBermuda Hundred, James River, Virginia
N 37°49', W 076°44'tideBowlers Rock, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°17', W 076°48'tideBushwood Wharf, Maryland
N 38°56', W 077°07'tideChain Bridge, D.C.
N 38°55', W 077°06'tideChain Bridge, one mile below, D.C.
N 37°23', W 077°23'tideChester, James River, Virginia
N 37°19', W 077°16'tideCity Point (Hopewell), James River, Virginia
N 37°14', W 076°57'tideClaremont, James River, Virginia
N 38°25', W 077°16'tideClifton Beach, Maryland
N 38°15', W 076°50'tideCobb Point Bar Light, Maryland
N 38°15', W 076°50'tideCobb Point Bar Light, Maryland (2)
N 38°15', W 076°58'tideColonial Beach, Potomac River, Virginia
N 38°15', W 076°58'tideColonial Beach, Potomac River, Virginia (2)
N 38°13', W 076°45'tideColton's Point, Maryland
N 38°13', W 077°17'tideCorbins Neck, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°24', W 077°18'tideCurles, 1 mile north of, James River, Virginia
N 38°19', W 077°02'tideDahlgren, Upper Machodoc Creek, Virginia
N 38°19', W 077°02'tideDahlgren, Upper Machodoc Creek, Virginia (2)
N 38°34', W 077°13'tideDeep Point, Mattawoman Creek, Maryland
N 37°12', W 076°52'tideDillard Wharf, James River, Virginia
N 37°26', W 077°26'tideFalling Creek entrance, James River, Virginia
N 39°17', W 076°35'tideFells Point, Baltimore Harbor, Maryland
N 37°16', W 076°53'tideFerry Point (bridge), Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 38°43', W 077°02'tideFort Washington, Maryland
N 38°18', W 077°27'tideFredericksburg, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°57', W 076°33'tideGingerville Creek, Maryland
N 38°57', W 076°33'tideGingerville Creek, Maryland (2)
N 38°37', W 077°08'tideGlymont, Maryland
N 38°27', W 077°03'tideGoose Bay, Port Tobacco River, Maryland
N 38°09', W 077°05'tideGreen Bay, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°40', W 077°08'tideGunston Cove, Virginia
N 37°22', W 077°15'tideHaxall, James River, Virginia
N 38°37', W 077°12'tideHigh Point, Occoquan Bay, Virginia
N 38°48', W 076°43'tideHills Bridge (Route 4), Maryland
N 38°15', W 077°14'tideHopyard Landing, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°36', W 077°11'tideIndian Head, Maryland
N 37°12', W 076°47'tideJamestown Island, James River, Virginia
N 37°19', W 077°13'tideJordan Point, James River, Virginia
N 38°54', W 077°04'tideKey Bridge, D.C.
N 37°24', W 077°23'tideKingsland Reach, James River, Virginia
N 37°24', W 076°54'tideLanexa, Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 38°07', W 077°00'tideLeedstown, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°17', W 076°38'tideLeonardtown, Breton Bay, Maryland
N 37°35', W 076°59'tideLester Manor, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 38°28', W 077°16'tideLiverpool Point, Maryland
N 38°20', W 076°59'tideLower Cedar Point, Maryland
N 38°39', W 076°41'tideLower Marlboro, Maryland
N 37°30', W 077°25'tideLower Rocketts, James River, Virginia
N 38°41', W 077°06'tideMarshall Hall, Maryland
N 38°21', W 077°12'tideMaryland Point Light, Maryland
N 38°15', W 077°25'tideMassaponax, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°24', W 077°03'tideMathias Point, Virginia
N 37°23', W 077°19'tideMeadowville, James River, Virginia
N 39°16', W 076°38'tideMiddle Branch, Baltimore Harbor, Maryland
N 37°21', W 076°55'tideMount Airy, Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 38°06', W 076°44'tideMount Holly, Nomini Creek, Virginia
N 38°42', W 077°05'tideMount Vernon, Virginia
N 37°37', W 077°07'tideNorthbury, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 38°43', W 076°42'tideNottingham, Maryland
N 37°14', W 077°24'tidePetersburg, Appomattox River, James River, Virginia
N 38°10', W 077°11'tidePort Royal, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°31', W 077°17'tideQuantico Creek, Virginia
N 38°51', W 077°02'tideReagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.
N 37°31', W 077°25'tideRichmond (river locks), James River, Virginia
N 37°27', W 077°25'tideRichmond Deepwater Terminal, James River, Virginia
N 38°23', W 077°09'tideRiverside, Maryland
N 38°43', W 077°02'tideRiverview, Maryland
N 37°27', W 076°42'tideRoane Point, York River, Virginia
N 38°16', W 076°50'tideRock Point, Maryland
N 38°05', W 077°02'tideSaunders Wharf, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°11', W 076°47'tideScotland, James River, Virginia
N 38°16', W 076°42'tideShipping Point, St. Clements Bay, Maryland
N 37°18', W 077°00'tideSturgeon Point, James River, Virginia
N 37°34', W 076°54'tideSweet Hall Landing, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 37°56', W 076°51'tideTappahannock, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°24', W 077°05'tideUpper Cedar Point Light, Maryland
N 37°39', W 076°54'tideWakema, Mattaponi River, Virginia
N 37°43', W 077°02'tideWalkerton, Mattaponi River, Virginia
N 37°52', W 076°47'tideWares Wharf, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 38°52', W 077°01'tideWashington, D.C.
N 37°32', W 076°48'tideWest Point, York River, Virginia
N 37°19', W 077°09'tideWestover, James River, Virginia
N 37°35', W 077°01'tideWhite House, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 38°20', W 076°52'tideWicomico Beach, Maryland
N 37°19', W 077°06'tideWillcox Wharf, Charles City, James River, Virginia
N 37°18', W 077°06'tideWindmill Point, James River, Virginia
N 37°21', W 076°52'tideWright Island Landing, Chickahominy River, Virginia

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