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Location Station name
N 37°23', W 076°39'tideAllmondsville, York River, Virginia
N 37°58', W 075°49'tideApe Hole Creek, Pocomoke Sound, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
N 37°45', W 076°40'tideBayport, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°25', W 076°26'tideBelleville, Mobjack Bay, Virginia
N 37°53', W 075°30'tideBogues Bay, Chincoteague Inlet, Chincoteague Bay, Virgina
N 37°49', W 076°44'tideBowlers Rock, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°18', W 076°24'tideBrowns Bay, Mobjack Bay, Virginia
N 37°16', W 076°01'tideCape Charles Coast Guard Station, Virginia
N 37°16', W 076°01'tideCape Charles Harbor, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°18', W 076°35'tideCheatham Annex, York River, Virginia
N 37°31', W 076°18'tideCherry Point, Piankatank River, Virginia
N 37°46', W 075°46'tideChesconessex Creek, Schooner Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°54', W 075°24'tideChincoteague Channel (south end), Chincoteague Bay, Virgina
N 37°54', W 075°24'tideChincoteague Channel (south end), Chincoteague Bay, Virgina (2)
N 37°14', W 076°57'tideClaremont, James River, Virginia
N 37°21', W 076°37'tideClay Bank, York River, Virginia
N 37°59', W 075°52'tideCrisfield, Little Annemessex River, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
N 37°12', W 076°52'tideDillard Wharf, James River, Virginia
N 37°44', W 076°18'tideDividing Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°30', W 076°25'tideDixie, Piankatank River, Virginia
N 37°60', W 076°02'tideEwell, Smith Island, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
N 37°16', W 076°53'tideFerry Point (bridge), Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 37°49', W 076°17'tideFleet Point, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°42', W 075°38'tideFolly Creek, Metompkin Inlet, Virginia
N 37°47', W 075°34'tideGargathy Neck, Virginia
N 37°33', W 075°55'tideGaskins Point, Occohannock Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°51', W 076°22'tideGlebe Point, Great Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°15', W 076°30'tideGloucester Point, York River, Virginia
N 37°15', W 076°30'tideGloucester Point, York River, Virginia (2)
N 37°14', W 076°26'tideGoodwin Neck, York River, Virginia
N 37°24', W 075°43'tideGreat Machipongo Inlet (inside), Virginia
N 37°48', W 076°16'tideGreat Wicomico River Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°51', W 075°42'tideGuard Shore, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°54', W 075°24'tideHarbor of Refuge, Chincoteague Bay, Virgina
N 37°12', W 076°41'tideHog Point, James River, Virginia
N 37°33', W 076°20'tideJackson Creek, Piankatank River, Virginia
N 37°12', W 076°47'tideJamestown Island, James River, Virginia
N 37°58', W 075°55'tideJanes Island Light, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
N 37°24', W 076°54'tideLanexa, Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 37°35', W 076°59'tideLester Manor, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 37°60', W 076°28'tideLewisetta, Potomac River, Virginia
N 37°60', W 076°28'tideLewisetta, Potomac River, Virginia (2)
N 37°40', W 075°36'tideMetompkin Inlet, Virginia
N 37°35', W 076°25'tideMill Creek, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°40', W 076°29'tideMillenbeck, Corrotoman River, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°22', W 076°21'tideMobjack, East River, Mobjack Bay, Virginia
N 37°21', W 076°55'tideMount Airy, Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 37°51', W 075°40'tideMuddy Creek Entrance, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°16', W 076°31'tideMumfort Islands, York River, Virginia
N 37°28', W 075°58'tideNassawadox Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°18', W 076°17'tideNew Point Comfort, Mobjack Bay, Virginia
N 37°37', W 077°07'tideNorthbury, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 37°14', W 076°03'tideOld Plantation Flats, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°43', W 075°45'tideOnancock, Onancock Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°39', W 076°27'tideOrchard Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°17', W 076°35'tidePenniman Spit, York River, Virginia
N 37°16', W 076°25'tidePerrin River, York River, Virginia
N 37°40', W 075°50'tidePungoteague Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°15', W 076°27'tideQuarter Point, York River, Virginia
N 37°18', W 076°39'tideQueen Creek (2 miles above entrance), York River, Virginia
N 37°28', W 075°40'tideQuinby Inlet entrance, Virginia
N 37°27', W 076°42'tideRoane Point, York River, Virginia
N 37°18', W 075°47'tideSand Shoal Inlet (Coast Guard Station), Virginia
N 37°59', W 075°38'tideShelltown, Pocomoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
N 37°13', W 075°48'tideShip Shoal Inlet, Virginia
N 37°53', W 076°11'tideSmith Point Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°34', W 076°18'tideStingray Point, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°18', W 077°00'tideSturgeon Point, James River, Virginia
N 37°53', W 076°16'tideSunnybank, Little Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°18', W 076°27'tideSW Branch, Severn River, Mobjack Bay, Virginia
N 37°34', W 076°54'tideSweet Hall Landing, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 37°47', W 075°58'tideTangier Sound Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°56', W 076°51'tideTappahannock, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°30', W 075°40'tideThe Swash, south end, Virginia
N 38°00', W 076°28'tideTravis Point, Coan River, Virginia
N 37°14', W 076°23'tideTue Marshes Light, York River, Virginia
N 37°28', W 075°48'tideUpshur Neck, south end, Virginia
N 37°39', W 076°35'tideUrbanna, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°35', W 075°37'tideWachapreague Inlet (inside), Virginia
N 37°36', W 075°41'tideWachapreague, Wachapreague Channel, Virginia
N 37°39', W 076°54'tideWakema, Mattaponi River, Virginia
N 37°43', W 077°02'tideWalkerton, Mattaponi River, Virginia
N 37°51', W 075°29'tideWallops Island, Virginia
N 37°51', W 075°29'tideWallops Island, Virginia (2)
N 37°52', W 076°47'tideWares Wharf, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°48', W 075°54'tideWatts Island, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°32', W 076°48'tideWest Point, York River, Virginia
N 37°35', W 077°01'tideWhite House, Pamunkey River, Virginia
N 37°19', W 077°06'tideWillcox Wharf, Charles City, James River, Virginia
N 37°36', W 076°14'tideWindmill Point Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
N 37°18', W 077°06'tideWindmill Point, James River, Virginia
N 37°37', W 076°17'tideWindmill Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia
N 37°37', W 076°17'tideWindmill Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia (2)
N 37°37', W 076°17'tideWindmill Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia (3)
N 37°53', W 075°30'tideWishart Point, Bogues Bay, Chincoteague Bay, Virgina
N 37°23', W 076°11'tideWolf Trap Light, Piankatank River, Virginia
N 37°21', W 076°52'tideWright Island Landing, Chickahominy River, Virginia
N 37°13', W 076°15'tideYork Spit Light, Mobjack Bay, Virginia
N 37°14', W 076°30'tideYorktown, York River, Virginia

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