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Location Station name
N 25°09', E 121°45'tideChi-Lung, Taiwan
N 24°04', E 123°46'tideHaderuma, Okinawa, Japan
N 24°25', E 123°00'tideHikawa (Yonakuni Sima), Okinawa, Japan
N 24°48', E 125°17'tideHirara, Okinawa, Japan
N 22°17', E 114°11'tideHong Kong, China
N 22°17', E 114°11'tideHong Kong, China (2)
N 23°05', E 120°59'tideHuludao, Taiwan
N 24°20', E 123°44'tideHunauki, Okinawa, Japan
N 24°55', E 125°15'tideIkema, Okinawa, Japan
N 24°20', E 124°10'tideIsigaki, Okinawa, Japan
N 22°37', E 120°16'tideKaohsiung, Taiwan
N 22°37', E 120°16'tideKaohsiung, Taiwan (2)
N 24°27', E 122°56'tideKubura, Okinawa, Japan
N 23°33', E 119°33'tideMakung, China
N 24°48', E 125°12'tideNagayama, Okinawa, Japan
N 24°50', E 125°13'tideSarahama, Okinawa, Japan
N 24°21', E 123°45'tideSirahama (Iriomote), Okinawa, Japan
N 23°20', E 116°45'tideSwatow, China
N 24°23', E 118°10'tideXiamen, China

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