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Location Station name
S 21°49', E 151°15'tideBell Cay, Australia
S 25°34', E 152°56'tideBoonlye Point, Australia
S 27°05', E 153°09'tideBribie Island, Bongaree, Australia
S 24°46', E 152°23'tideBundaberg, Australia
S 26°48', E 153°09'tideCaloundra Head, Australia
S 20°47', E 149°18'tideCarlisle Island, Australia
S 23°15', E 155°32'tideCato Island, Coral Sea
S 24°01', E 151°45'tideClews Point, Australia
S 20°32', E 150°22'tideCreal Reef, Australia
S 20°35', E 148°53'tideEast Repulse Island, Australia
S 20°35', E 148°53'tideEast Repulse Island, Australia (2)
S 25°47', E 153°02'tideElbow Point, Australia
S 24°55', E 152°29'tideElliot Heads, Australia
S 22°07', E 149°34'tideFlock Pigeon Island, Australia
S 21°59', E 152°28'tideGannet Cay, Australia
S 23°53', E 151°23'tideGatcombe Head, Australia
S 23°50', E 151°15'tideGladstone, Australia
S 23°50', E 151°45'tideGladstone, Australia (2)
S 23°50', E 151°15'tideGladstone, Australia (3)
S 21°16', E 149°18'tideHay Point, Australia
S 21°16', E 149°18'tideHay Point, Australia (2)
S 23°27', E 151°55'tideHeron Island, Australia
S 21°57', E 150°41'tideHigh Peak Island, Australia
S 24°07', E 152°43'tideLady Elliot Island, Australia
S 23°54', E 152°23'tideLady Musgrave Island, Australia
S 21°07', E 149°14'tideMackay Outer Harbour, Australia
S 21°07', E 149°14'tideMackay Outer Harbour, Australia (2)
S 22°20', E 150°27'tideMarquis Island, Australia
S 22°09', E 149°36'tideMcewin Islet, Australia
S 21°39', E 150°15'tideMiddle Island Anchorage, Australia
S 26°41', E 153°07'tideMooloolaba, Australia
S 26°23', E 153°06'tideNoosa Head, Australia
S 21°00', E 149°54'tidePenrith Island, Australia
S 23°35', E 150°52'tidePort Alma, Australia
S 22°32', E 150°45'tidePort Clinton, Australia
S 23°10', E 150°47'tideRosslyn Bay, Australia
S 21°24', E 149°20'tideSarina Inlet, Australia
S 20°52', E 149°37'tideScawfell Island, Australia
S 20°30', E 149°04'tideShaw Island, Australia
S 20°54', E 149°27'tideSt. Bees Island, Australia
S 23°15', E 151°47'tideTryon Islet, Australia
S 25°30', E 152°59'tideUngowa, Australia
S 25°17', E 152°55'tideUrangan, Australia
S 24°58', E 153°21'tideWaddy Point, Australia

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