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Track history (hours):

Royaliste (United States)

68' LOA gaff-rigged, square-topsail ketch built in 1971 in Nova Scotia, and refit in the 1980's to specifications of an 18th-century dispatch gunboat/bomb ketch. Offers sail training with a privateer's flair: costumed crew, historical reenactments, and mock sea battles.

Ship's website:

Last reported at 2010-Aug-25 20:30 UTC. Time now 2014-Apr-17 06:55 UTC.
Position N 41°54' W 087°36'.
Warning: this ship's position is years out of date!

NotesDate/timePositionNaut miles runAvg speedWind from/ knotsBaromVisibWave heightAir tempDewpointWater temp
2010-Aug-25 20:30N 41°54' W 087°36'  
2010-Aug-22 21:58N 42°46' W 087°21'  

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