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Track history (hours):

Gato Go

Information provided via the YOTREPS network of cruising yachts.

More information available from US FCC via Universal Licensing System and Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center.

Last reported at 2012-Sep-01 01:41 UTC. Time now 2014-Apr-20 11:40 UTC.
Position S 13°50' W 171°46'.
Warning: this ship's position is years out of date!

NotesDate/timePositionNaut miles runAvg speedWind from/ knotsBaromVisibWave heightAir tempDewpointWater temp
2012-Sep-01 01:41S 13°50' W 171°46'252 5.0
2012-Aug-29 22:48S 13°37' W 167°27'  

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Gato Go — WDE9577 — position and weather