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Track history (hours):

Oceanographic research ship Marion Dufresne (France)

Detailed information on ship capabilities available from University of Delaware's Ocean Information Center and ARCUS's ALIAS (Arctic Logistics Information and Support) project.

Last reported at 2013-Aug-11 09:27 UTC. Time now 2014-Apr-17 18:28 UTC.
Position S 35°07' E 021°47'.
Warning: this ship's position is months out of date.

Length 120 m; beam 21 m.

Type: Ship. MMSI: 227235000.

NotesDate/timePositionNaut miles runAvg speedWind from/ knotsBaromVisibWave heightAir tempDewpointWater temp
2013-Aug-11 09:27S 35°07' E 021°47'1413.3
2013-Aug-11 08:24S 35°08' E 021°30'5212.6
2013-Aug-11 04:17S 35°12' E 020°27'2713.0
2013-Aug-11 02:11S 35°12' E 019°53'2712.9
2013-Aug-11 00:06S 35°05' E 019°22'813.0
2013-Aug-10 23:30S 35°03' E 019°13'1812.9
2013-Aug-10 22:05S 34°57' E 018°52'3112.3
2013-Aug-10 19:32S 34°48' E 018°15'3012.4
2013-Aug-10 17:08S 34°40' E 017°40'2612.8
2013-Aug-10 15:08S 34°35' E 017°10'  

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