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Ship database updated 04:34 Sunday, 20 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 05:44 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
Mary Artica2014-Apr-20 0400N 60°30' W 026°18'BATEU00
TFBKF2014-Apr-20 0400N 63°30' W 020°12'TFBKF
TFBLK2014-Apr-20 0400N 65°42' W 024°48'TFBLK
TFDRN2014-Apr-20 0400N 65°48' W 021°12'TFDRN
TFFLT2014-Apr-20 0400N 65°18' W 023°06'TFFLT
TFGRS2014-Apr-20 0400N 66°18' W 018°12'TFGRS
TFGRV2014-Apr-20 0400N 63°48' W 022°30'TFGRV
TFGSK2014-Apr-20 0400N 64°06' W 022°54'TFGSK
TFHFN2014-Apr-20 0400N 64°12' W 015°12'TFHFN
TFSRT2014-Apr-20 0400N 63°18' W 020°18'TFSRT
TFSTD2014-Apr-20 0400N 66°24' W 023°24'TFSTD
649332014-Apr-20 0200N 61°47', W 018°21'64933
649382014-Apr-20 0100N 63°55', W 030°17'64938
649412014-Apr-19 2100N 66°30', W 024°31'64941

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