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Ship database updated 12:34 Thursday, 17 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 12:43 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
Atlantic Willow2014-Apr-17 1233N 44°39' W 063°33'CFH8937
Atlantic Larch2014-Apr-17 1233N 44°39' W 063°33'CFH8941
Atlantic Oak2014-Apr-17 1233N 44°39' W 063°33'CFH8951
Ocean Basques2014-Apr-17 1233N 44°39' W 063°34'CFK5066
Algoma Dartmouth2014-Apr-17 1214N 44°38' W 063°32'CFK9211
CCGC Spray2014-Apr-17 1222N 44°41' W 063°37'CG2248
Earl Grey2014-Apr-17 1233N 44°41' W 063°38'CG3029
Canadian Warship 7012014-Apr-17 1218N 44°39' W 063°35'CGAU
Coriollis II2014-Apr-17 1226N 44°39' W 063°34'CGDN
CCGS G. Peddle S.c.2014-Apr-17 1233N 44°41' W 063°37'CGGP
NGCC A.leblanc2014-Apr-17 1227N 44°41' W 063°37'CGLB
CCGC M. Perley2014-Apr-17 1229N 44°41' W 063°37'CGMP
Glenbrook2014-Apr-17 1224N 44°40' W 063°35'CGRH
Dartmouth III2014-Apr-17 1230N 44°39' W 063°33'VC9827
Cabot2014-Apr-17 1231N 44°40' W 063°36'VCSZ
Halifax 32014-Apr-17 1226N 44°40' W 063°34'VO3899
Oceanex Sanderling2014-Apr-17 1221N 44°38' W 063°34'VOLG
Orion2014-Apr-17 1219N 44°38' W 063°32'VRBZ2
Scotian Sea2014-Apr-17 1221N 44°38' W 063°34'XJBF

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