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Ship database updated 14:34 Monday, 21 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 15:07 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
OOCL Vancouver2014-Apr-21 1200N 38°18' W 040°36'3EBG2
Westermoor2014-Apr-21 1200N 39°24' W 045°24'A8CH2
Northern Delegation2014-Apr-21 0600N 38°48' W 049°36'A8PA7
Primavera2014-Apr-20 1400N 38°00' W 043°42'A8QL5
BAREU122014-Apr-21 1400N 42°06' W 045°12'BAREU12
BATEU022014-Apr-21 1400N 47°12' W 046°24'BATEU02
BATEU062014-Apr-21 1400N 43°48' W 047°06'BATEU06
Tsingtao Express2014-Apr-20 1200N 40°06' W 042°24'DDYL2
Terra Nova Fpso2014-Apr-21 1200N 46°24' W 048°24'VCXF
Hibernia2014-Apr-21 1200N 46°42' W 048°54'VEP717
Searose FPSO2014-Apr-21 1200N 46°42' W 048°00'VOXS
Toronto Express2014-Apr-21 1400N 44°18' W 051°12'VQLL5
Modu Henry Goodrich2014-Apr-21 0600N 46°24' W 048°24'YJQN7
418562014-Apr-21 1250N 41°14', W 043°22'41856
419292014-Apr-21 1100N 43°07', W 045°12'41929
445022014-Apr-21 1343N 43°39', W 048°08'44502
445032014-Apr-21 1140N 43°09', W 048°26'44503
445052014-Apr-21 1340N 47°17', W 051°15'44505
445142014-Apr-21 1100N 40°14', W 044°49'44514

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