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Ship database updated 06:34 Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 07:03 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
Baie St.paul2014-Apr-19 0634N 45°47' W 085°55'CFN6120
Whitefish Bay2014-Apr-18 2107N 45°33' W 086°16'CFN6287
Baie Comeau2014-Apr-18 1424N 42°27' W 080°14'CFN6357
CCGC Thunder Cape2014-Apr-19 0632N 42°47' W 080°12'CG8047
NRUU2014-Apr-18 2006N 45°40' W 086°10'NRUU
Peter R. Cresswell2014-Apr-19 0614N 42°26' W 080°19'VCBZ
Algowood2014-Apr-19 0632N 46°02' W 083°52'VCTD
John B. Aird2014-Apr-18 1500N 43°36' W 082°30'VCYP
Algoway2014-Apr-19 0633N 45°10' W 086°26'VDFP
Algomarine2014-Apr-19 0632N 46°01' W 083°52'VGJV
Andrea Marie2014-Apr-18 1928N 42°47' W 080°12'VX4434
Algorail2014-Apr-18 2206N 45°27' W 086°23'VYNG
Alpena2014-Apr-19 0633N 45°54' W 085°38'WAV4647
Wilfred Sykes2014-Apr-19 0500N 45°48' W 087°06'WC5932
American Spirit2014-Apr-19 0633N 45°49' W 084°44'WCX2417
American Century2014-Apr-19 0600N 43°42' W 082°30'WDD2876
Spencer F. Baird2014-Apr-19 0628N 45°39' W 084°28'WDD3182
Victory2014-Apr-18 1500N 45°42' W 083°42'WDF7020
Roger Blough2014-Apr-19 0300N 46°36' W 084°42'WDG7080
Presque Isle2014-Apr-18 1300N 46°18' W 084°18'WDG7081
Cason J. Callaway2014-Apr-19 0200N 43°36' W 087°30'WDG7085
Arthur M. Anderson2014-Apr-18 1309N 45°42' W 084°18'WDG7087
American Mariner2014-Apr-18 1800N 44°30' W 082°42'WQZ7791
Joseph L Block2014-Apr-19 0500N 42°24' W 087°30'WXY6216
James R Barker2014-Apr-19 0327N 46°32' W 084°38'WYP8657
St. Clair2014-Apr-19 0633N 45°50' W 084°39'WZA4027

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