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Ship database updated 10:34 Friday, 18 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 10:46 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
Petite Forte2014-Apr-17 1908N 42°27' W 080°01'CFG3677
Cuyahoga2014-Apr-18 1010N 42°35' W 079°45'CFG6460
Everlast2014-Apr-18 0034N 42°25' W 080°21'CFG8057
CCGC Thunder Cape2014-Apr-18 1028N 42°47' W 080°12'CG8047
Sea Eagle II2014-Apr-17 2105N 42°31' W 079°49'CZ9891
Federal Danube2014-Apr-17 2225N 42°21' W 080°27'P3TG9
Peter R. Cresswell2014-Apr-18 0610N 42°33' W 079°41'VCBZ
John B. Aird2014-Apr-17 1230N 42°25' W 080°17'VCYP
Saginaw2014-Apr-17 1923N 42°25' W 080°05'VF2560
Algoeast2014-Apr-18 1021N 42°48' W 080°03'VGLD
John D. Leitch2014-Apr-18 0604N 42°42' W 079°39'VGWM
Wilfred Sykes2014-Apr-18 0900N 42°54' W 087°42'WC5932
American Century2014-Apr-17 1700N 41°48' W 082°42'WDD2876
Cason J. Callaway2014-Apr-17 2200N 43°36' W 087°00'WDG7085
Barbara Andrie2014-Apr-17 1000N 41°42' W 087°36'WTC9407
H. Lee White2014-Apr-17 2200N 44°06' W 087°00'WZD2465

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