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Ship database updated 03:34 Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 04:18 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
Petite Forte2014-Apr-23 1007N 42°31' W 080°03'CFG3677
Algoma Discovery2014-Apr-23 1333N 42°31' W 079°51'CFK9796
Algosea2014-Apr-24 0331N 42°43' W 080°08'CFN4229
Algoma Spirit2014-Apr-23 2333N 42°26' W 080°18'CFN4309
Algocanada2014-Apr-24 0330N 42°44' W 080°11'CFN5193
Victorious2014-Apr-24 0333N 42°41' W 080°10'CFN5313
Thunder Bay2014-Apr-23 1429N 42°23' W 080°10'CFN6288
CCGS Limnos2014-Apr-23 1114N 42°32' W 080°29'CG2350
CCGC Thunder Cape2014-Apr-24 0332N 42°47' W 080°12'CG8047
Sea Eagle II2014-Apr-23 1831N 42°28' W 079°56'CZ9891
Cedarglen2014-Apr-23 1130N 42°28' W 080°06'VCLN
Leonard M2014-Apr-23 1333N 42°34' W 079°59'VOJM
Presque Isle2014-Apr-23 1400N 41°24' W 082°12'WDG7081
Joseph L Block2014-Apr-24 0200N 41°36' W 087°06'WXY6216

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