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Ship database updated 12:34 Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 UTC (time now 12:54 UTC)

Ship last reported (UTC) positionCallsign
St. Andrew2014-Apr-23 0433S 27°60' W 048°10'9HA3552
Splendour Of The Seas2014-Apr-23 1100S 34°18' W 053°06'C6TZ9
Brasil Voyager2014-Apr-23 0000S 35°06' W 055°42'C6ZJ8
Theodor Storm2014-Apr-23 0416S 27°32' W 048°12'D5EJ7
CL Germany2014-Apr-23 1222S 27°52' W 048°09'ELZX2
Lord Nelson2014-Apr-23 1000S 34°36' W 052°48'GHJV
Cap San Marco2014-Apr-22 2100S 34°48' W 053°54'LXCQ
Petrobras Nordeste2014-Apr-22 1903S 27°43' W 048°29'PPXP
Rio Grande2014-Apr-23 0600S 29°18' W 046°06'V7UT9
MSC Algeciras2014-Apr-22 1718S 28°07' W 048°23'VRMO7
315132014-Apr-23 1000S 33°17', W 045°42'31513
315142014-Apr-23 1000S 31°40', W 045°16'31514
315182014-Apr-23 1000S 38°45', W 051°19'31518
315322014-Apr-23 1030S 33°00', W 046°33'31532
315352014-Apr-23 1000S 33°32', W 050°04'31535
315432014-Apr-23 1000S 29°30', W 046°58'31543
315442014-Apr-23 1000S 31°36', W 049°60'31544

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